It has been a while since the guys from Kite & Lightning have been on the show, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been pumping out some amazing things since we last spoke. Ikrima takes some time out of his busy day to discuss their latest projects, and the current news in VR.

Rev VR Podcast – Episode 98

Their recent project, Insurgent: Shatter Reality, takes you into the world of the Divergent movie series. Ikrima shares the interesting story behind how they got involved, and how it was made.

Ikrima also tells us about the GE Subsea Experience they did earlier this year, and how the ‘on rails’ experiences changes when you are diving underwater.

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With GDC 2015 behind us, Ikrima and I take a few minutes to discuss some of the recent news and give our opinions on a few of the bigger items revealed.

I want to thank Ikrima for taking some time to catch up with me today.

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