Fresh from their experiences at EGX Rezzed in London, Jon and Nick join my on the podcast to discuss, and debate their findings about the Valve/HTC Vive virtual reality solution.

Rev VR Podcast – Episode 99

Jon and Nick are no strangers to this podcast. I had them on a while back to discuss their amazing game, Crystal Rift, which is now going strong and ready for pre-orders on Steam. Today’s podcast is all about controllers and Valve’s Lighthouse technology. What kind of controllers do we really want?

For the purposes of the discussion in this episode, I try really hard to be the objective side to the debate. Often, when someone tries a new piece of hardware for the first time, they can only see the positives. I attempt to keep the debate on equal ground as we delve deep into the implications of 15 feet of virtual freedom.

What are your thoughts on the Vive and their Lighthouse solution to controllers and movement? Do you agree with Jon, Nick, or me? Leave comments below.

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  • dashmaul

    Very interesting podcast.

    I think that Oculus will come out with a very good motion controls solution as well (for cv1)
    and that it will not matter as much, which system you are getting. (As far as the hardware is concerned). Both will be equally as good. And as always, it will come down to the content.

    Oculus’ hardware plans and specs are contantly changing, and they will keep improving with each itteration, up to launching their cv1. So who knows, maybe they’ll incorporate a laser array as well at some point, and abandon the “webcam” approach entirely.

    At the end of the podcast, very briefly there was a mention of VR ethics, and or the implications of that. I think that is a very real and important aspect, as VR moves along.
    Would be interesting to see a future podcast about this.
    Kyle mentioned playing Call of Duty in VR at some point, as an example.
    I mean, would you really want to play COD in VR? When your brain and your body competely believes that the environment it’s in is real, imagine how scary that will be. A soldier runs at you and pistolwhips you in the face, or someone creeps up to you and cuts your throat!

    Maybe at some point that feeling of realness wears off after a while, I don’t know.

  • Curtrock

    Excellent! I’ve never listened to a podcast for over an hour, before this. Intelligent conversation & debate is greatly appreciated. As an unapologetic Oculus fanboy, I find myself completely hyped for what Valve has unveiled with the VIVE system. I have no doubt I will be purchasing both VR systems, much like I have a PS4 & an Xbox. Thank you Rev VR, for hosting/sharing an informative & entertaining discussion. Now, if you will excuse me, I must go begin construction of a 15×15 room in my bsmt…..drywall, please….