Ripcoil is a two-player duelling game from Oculus Studios and Sanzaru Games, and as one of 30 titles coming to Touch later this year, it’s poised to help fill the growing VR eSports genre. I got a crack at the demo at this year’s Gamescom, and proved that I am much better at tossing things in VR than I am in real life.

Like something out of the Tron: Legacy (2010) reboot, you’re transported to an intergalactic battle dome where you duel with another player online. An alien crowd cheers you on as you battle.

Leaning your head either left or right sends you sliding in that direction, almost like you are on the sliding platform in Pong (1972). And like Pong, the rules in the demo version of Ripcoil are very simple, even more so than actual sports like tennis or racquetball: you take turns throwing a single disc, and make it as hard for your opponent to catch so you can tag one of the five goal sections behind them.

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To accomplish this, you need to lob it at weird angles, whipping it quickly, and bouncing it off walls to give it a generally hard-to-anticipate trajectory, of course with the knowledge that your disc will never fly out of the allotted areas.

Tilting my head to the left was at first really surprising, as my in-game body slid very quickly to the left-side of the map. It took me about a minute to understand exactly how to control the hoverboard below me, finding that physically leaning my body in the direction of my titled head made the frenetic feeling of shifting my in-game body a lot less jarring. While locomotion at this speed in VR raises red flags for anyone who has been put into a dizzying experience before, for whatever reason (possibly that it’s controlled with body movements and not sticks or buttons), Ripcoil’s speedy locomotion gets you around without any lasting objection from your brain.

Facebook Shuttering 'MARVEL Powers United VR' & 'Ripcoil', Refunds Available Within 6 Months of Purchase


As with any VR experience, your mileage may vary–we’re all somewhat different when it comes to what can trigger dizziness in VR–but I’m wondering if this concept could be an effective means of VR locomotion in all four directions of movement, rather than just the left/right directions you are restricted to in Ripcoil.

That said, strapping out of the headset and resuming my Gamescom grind was an interesting feeling, as my legs felt a little wobbly from all the virtual motion I had gotten used to.

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You’ll need to get into the habit of strapping on the controllers tightly (or at least have a steady supply of fresh computer monitors at your disposal), because both tossing and chasing after the discs to grab them can be pretty physical. There is some aim assist for both catching and throwing, so none of my usual flailing frisbee tosses to look forward to. While I am a better athlete by default in Ripcoil, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’, so you’ll find out who has the better hand-eye coordination pretty quickly between you and your opponent.

Ripcoil makes me feel like a disc-throwing, futuristic badass, but I wonder if that feeling will start to wear thin after an hour of playing something that is essentially a first-person game of Pong.

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  • DiGiCT Ltd

    potential game for sure.

  • Graham J ⭐️

    So pong, neat!

    I love how every Touch video starts with the player looking at their hands as if to say “Wow, so that’s what people with motion controllers have been talking about!”

    • J.C.

      Lol true, although to be fair, that’s how most Vive videos started out as well.

    • Tehen

      Don’t you think these people already had the chance to try other motion controllers before? Those I have seen are usually game/tech journalistes who already tested most VR tech (especially when they are RoadToVR ) and were allowed to try Touch prototypes. These are not random people who had never seen VR tech before.
      Tl;Dr : To make things clearer, maybe you could accept that some people are just curious to try a new tech and Touch may even had things to motion control that Vive wands do not allow.

      I don’t personnaly know btw.

      • Graham J ⭐️

        You would think so. But if the game devs (who recorded this video) have tried Vive, why did they sell out to Oculus? If the latter got to them with their bag of bribe money first maybe they didn’t bother picking up the motion system people actually have.

        • Tehen

          Interesting, so following your logic , they went to make their game for Oculus first just to piss people off, because they are greedy bastard … That sound like a totaly rational reason.
          Someone could think that they choose Oculus first because some games take more than two month to be made and Oculus provided more help on VR dev and finance. Well, who am I to say people need money to make their family live?
          But you are right, as young as VR is, we totaly need a VR headset war just to kill the small interest the mass public may have.
          Troll on guy.

          • Graham J ⭐️

            I didn’t say it was to piss people off or because they’re greedy. Of course it takes time and money to develop a game (I am a developer btw) but that doesn’t change the fact that accepting Oculus/Facebook exclusivity money isn’t selling out and fragmenting the VR software market.

            You’re right that the last thing we need is a headset war. Hopefully it will be over when Oculus finally releases Touch and stops trying to fragment and put a wall around the market.

          • Tehen

            According to the article, it seems Oculus Studio is involved so it may have provided more than just money but also manpower.

            Yeah. I can’t wait for Touch release so everybody will have motion controllers, will be happy and will brag about how good PC VR is compared to console VR… No just kidding :D I wish consoles the best so more dev jump on the VR bandwagon.

        • brandon9271

          They probably developed the game with a Vive because it had available motion controls for so long but then took money from Oculus to make it exclusive. Oculus is a strange company. It’s like they go out of their way to limit the audience that can buy their games while valve will happily take money from Rift or Vive users. I don’t get it.

        • Mateusz

          Isn’t it the other way around? People supported Cloudhead games to get Gallery on the Oculus (promised in Kickstarter) but then Devs sold out and made almost finished game a Vive exclusive…

  • James Friedman

    Yeah this is the one game I am looking forward to the most with touch

  • James Friedman

    Why are your videos like 10 seconds? I have seen this before with other videos on your channel

  • J.C.

    Seems neat, glad to see the different locomotion in there. Yet another game I’ll check out when the Oculus Store supports the Vive natively. I’m assuming they’re working toward that sooner rather than later…the goal isn’t to sell VR units, after all. It’s to sell games, to as many people as possible.

    • Graham J ⭐️

      If their goal is to make money rather than caring about the overall VR market and its customers then they might take Facebook’s exclusivity money and make Vivers wait. Wrong choice imo.

  • Pistol Pete

    Still not true locomotion, just gliding system that has been used by other VR games already. Game looks good though.

  • Neo Racer

    I was happily playing Alien Isolation on the DK2 in full locomotion no problems. Come on Devs!!!

  • I think a more apt comparison to a traditional game would be “Discs of Tron”. Looks very interesting either way.

  • Andrew Dolline

    Well it might be pretty good for awhile since we a comparing it to the daddy of all video games

  • brandon9271

    This game would work great with a Wii balance board.