Become an Avatar-style Earthbender in ‘RUMBLE’, Early Access Coming Soon

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While there aren’t any official Avatar: The Last Airbender VR games out there, RUMBLE definitely wants to fill in the gaps with its Earthbending fighting game where, like the series’ telekinetic martial artists, you control the very ground beneath your feet.

Headed into Steam Early Access soon, Rumble is an online PVP game that tasks you with honing your ability to attack and defend by striking different poses, something developer Buckethead Entertainment says are inspired by several styles of martial arts.

“Chain poses together, flowing from one on to the next to create a pose combo! Pose combos have different effects based on the poses used, all combos are unique, and there’s a situation for every single one,” Buckethead says on the game’s Steam page. “You don’t just use attacks, you create them. Train yourself up in the gym and once you’re confident you’ve got what it takes, you can put your skills and creativity to the test in the arena.”

Rumble is slated to launch sometime soon on Steam Early Access for PC VR headsets. Buckethead says an Oculus Quest version isn’t entirely off the table, however the studio still needs to conduct research regarding the game’s performance and tracking on Quest.

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  • Matteo Valles

    Finally! I heard about a game in the works like this years ago and have been waiting for it to come out! Not sure if it’s the same team that I knew, but still excited to play it

  • Bro-tastic

    Thats’s really cool, they should start an avatar bending tournament but in vr i would totally invest in that i hope the developers dont give up and continue to improve the game, so not only with earth but fire,water,and air two

  • namekuseijin

    I like gesture-based gameplay to pull off moves, like The Wizards.

    PVP though is a dead-end in VR niche audiences… and frankly, I’m not a fan of arena-based minigames…

  • It reminds me a lot Elemental Combat, if you have ever played it

  • D-_-RAiL

    I love the idea of doing gestures in VR. I still have that dream of a high quality MMORPG that will push this for casters and have the melee combat seen in Asgards Wrath.

  • VRagoso

    This could be a hit if tweaked. In my opinion, based on this video, I think there is is still some speed missing when the hits happen. Kinda of missing that final “boom” speed like when you see it in Dragon. But probably they know better what they are doing.

  • Alex

    finish him !!!

  • aaron

    ee e e