We know that Apple has been developing an AR headset since at least 2017, but outside of what we gathered from files hidden in iOS 13.1 late last year though, which included a sizable trove of information on the company’s upcoming AR device, there’s been little else to go on in terms of capability, price, name, launch date—you know, basically everything you’d want to know when it comes to a pretty big moment in consumer augmented reality. Now, known leaker Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech has delivered an exclusive report on all of those things and more.

In a video report (linked below), Prosser says that Apple’s AR headset will be named ‘Apple Glass’, and will be priced at $499, which doesn’t include the price of the actual corrective lenses. The report maintains that Apple is set to deliver a stereoscopic AR headset (dual displays) in a glasses form-factor which is said to rely on an iPhone for all data processing.

Although he doesn’t explicitly say so, the image below is presented as the official logo.

Image courtesy Jon Prosser, Front Page Tech

Prosser allegedly saw a video of an Apple Glass prototype from “a few months ago,” which he describes as a set of plastic frames that recharge via a wireless charging stand. Prosser says the plastic frame may not be final, and that the frames themselves could be realized in metal. Apple also reportedly had their sights set on delivering a sunglasses version of Apple Glass, but Prosser says that the displays don’t work on tinted lenses.

Apple AR Headset FOV, Codename, and Stereoscopic Rendering Mode Reportedly Found in iOS 13.1

As for Apple Glass’ supposed capabilities, Prosser reports that the device has an integrated LiDAR sensor in the right temple, which is used for gesture recognition and scanning proprietary QR codes. Like it was previously revealed in the iOS 13.1 files, Apple Glass’ UI will be named ‘Starboard’, Prosser says.

No camera was observed in the prototype Prosser alleges to have seen in the video, which he stipulates is for privacy reasons. If the report can be believed, LiDAR, like that in iPad Pro 2020, could also be tasked with providing the headset both 6DOF headtracking and object recognition via computer vision. In any case, Apple is reportedly collecting data obtained from iPad Pro users to refine Apple Glass moving forward.

Rumor: Apple Reportedly Partners With Valve to Develop AR Headset

Originally, Prosser says, Apple Glass was supposed to be a classic “One More Thing” at either the company’s Q4 2020 or Q1 2021 event this year, however the recent pandemic may push its debut back to October 2021 so the company can have its patented large-format, on-stage deluge of product announcements.

Public availability is said to arrive starting in Q1 2022, however Prosser maintains it might also ship as early as Q4 2021, both notable offsets from its supposed debut date.

Whether it’s a verifiable leak, or simply a case of Prosser gathering the most likely device features and upselling it as such, you can’t deny that many of the reported facts make a certain amount of sense. Why Apple would want to ape the same naming scheme of Google Glass, which was universally maligned for its nerdy aesthetics and attached ‘Glasshole’ portmanteau, definitely raises some questions for the skeptics out there though. Whatever the case, we’re taking this one with an extra large grain of salt until we can see for ourselves.

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  • Bob

    Interested to know more about the specifications of this device of theirs; resolution? Field of view? Basically the usual :)

  • mellott124

    Wow, can’t stand the guy in the video. Only made it a few minutes before stopping the video. How does someone like this become #2 on Apples podcast list.

    • vtid

      Same here. He’s even more annoying than Apple themselves.

    • sfmike

      So many content makers think using “characters” are charming and entertaining when they are just annoying. i.e. Elton Brown.

  • 3872Orcs

    Hopefully they actually looks like glasses you can wear out in the public and that the AR tech is useful and practical for everyday use. I’ve waited a long time for this tech to arrive. If it’s actually good this will change everything!

    • I’m watching Apple and Google for AR glasses, both companies have very deep pockets and extremely talented engineering; all manner of technology is being developed but I don’t expect anything really competent in AR until 2030

      • Bob

        It will be most likely be 2026/2027 rather than 2030 if research and development continues to advance at a rapid rate.

        • Hopefully we will see competent AR glasses earlier, but there are numerous engineering challenges to overcome, which perhaps make VR headset development look simple.

          But I consider the VR I used in early 90’s, and that it’s taken nearly 30 years to get today to valve Index and HP Reverb.

          • Bob

            It only took that long because the big parties weren’t interested enough to continue any real investment into R&D.

            Also 3D rendering and computer vision in general wasn’t really there. But it is now and it’s enough to make a meaningful impact to the rate of R&D for AR glasses which should hopefully speed things up and allow consumers and business to get their hands on the “real thing” much earlier than that predicted date of yours.

          • No doubt we’ll see ‘AR glasses’ sooner than my prediction, what I’m interested in, I’d like “really competent” AR glasses, which perhaps like VR will take several generations to reach.

            Unlike some, I was impressed with potential of Magic Leap and Hololens 1, it can only improve, as long as investors aren’t mislead on time frame by over excited analyst?

      • dk

        well facebook/oculus is working on an ar headset that will be out bost likely by 2022 ….2022 could be what 2016 was for vr

        • I’ve heard about that, it’s very positive, it needs big tech money as the “road to AR” is no doubt longer than “road to VR”. Series of very difficult engineering challenges.

          On VR, Index is first ‘competent’ headset for me after Vive, Rift CV1, Lenovo Explorer although the Valve device has its own issues, sheer sense of presence is breathtaking at times.

          • silvaring

            So current / prototype AR products like LetinAR and North Focals aren’t good enough for you? gotcha…

        • Bob

          “people always talk about 10 years down the line ….obviously a lot of stuff will be better by then ..”

          Didn’t Bill Gates say we always underestimate what can be achieved in ten years? ;)

    • Fozzyspeak

      Nostradamus said 2030

    • dk

      meh apple glasses could mean anything ….I would be more interested in hearing about the facebook/oculus ar headset which actually might be ready by the end of 2021 and out in q1 2022 …..until then nreal is a pretty good option for soemthing that is somewhat compact affordable with 6dof and good enough performance

  • bəˈmjuːdɪən fəˈläsəfē

    Is the general public going to be receptive now, of being on the other side of Apple (vision) Glass? Now before y’all reply it’s not going to have camera capacity, y’all know every company will kill themselves to provide that add on, cause y’all want it. It wasn’t well received last time around, lotta beat downs…

  • starchaser28

    How accurate is Lidar 6 DOF tracking on the iPad 2020s compared with camera based?

    • dk

      all u need for 6dof positional tracking of a headset is 2 cameras (and imu and so on) ….it can work perfectly just with that
      lidar and other hardware r needed for fast 3d understanding of the environment and recognition of separate objects

  • belal

    Every time your post is helpful to me

  • VRagoso

    Either one of 2 outcomes:
    1) If it is good: Apple rules!
    2) If bad: Ow… it´s not Apples fault, the technology is not there yet…

  • They seem reasonable predictions. If the price is $499, probably the technology should be simple, something like Birdbath of nreal glasses

  • Kimberle McDonald

    This seems difficult to believe when there’s already been a failed product called Google Glass.

    • dogtato

      “failed” is a bit strong, since they’re now selling an “enterprise edition 2”, but it does seem odd that apple would choose the same name as google. Maybe even legally questionable.

  • Ted Joseph

    I have also been waiting for years for the first AR “daily use glasses” to come out. I think Apple did the right thing holding off, and not releasing something that is not viable for daily use. The next 2-3 years is going to be amazing for AR! Facebook, Apple, Google?, etc. Bring it on!!!!

  • Jim P

    The scary part for me is with this c-19 going on and the only states acting like nazi are Democrats and all these companies are owned by Democrats. Scary.