Attention Gear VR owners: the fabled time has come to take out your credit cards, and hand them over to the likes of the newly monetized Gear VR store, where you can kiss your money goodbye in increments of $2.99 – $9.99 for full versions of mobile VR games.

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US based owners of Samsung Gear VR now have the option to pay for apps in the Gear VR store, a marketplace that not only 24 hours ago was entirely populated by free content.

Developers for the mobile VR headset have long awaited the opportunity to generate revenue from their apps, but since its launch in December 2014, devs were obligated to give their games up for free. Now Samsung/ has allowed devs to charge for full versions of games on the Oculus Store, the first wave of which is listed below:

  • Bandit Six – $2.99
  • Darknet – $9.99
  • Dreadhalls – $4.99
  • Esper – $4.99
  • Gunner – $3.99
  • Proton Pulse – $2.99
  • Nighttime Terror – $3.99
  • Romans from Mars – $2.99
  • Protocol Zero – $4.99

It’s still unclear when Samsung will allow other countries to access the paid store with non-US based credit cards, but if the laggardly international roll out of the device is any evidence, which only just hit Europe recently, it may be a while until international users can enjoy the same standing as US Gear VR owners.

It’s our hope that the Gear VR’s newly monetized store will attract more developers for the platform, especially those willing to make full-length titles that will keep us in the mobile VR headset for longer than the usual 5-10 minutes it takes to play most demos.

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  • Paul Dowell

    I am having trouble finding the app for Samsung gear vr oculus and Samsung s 8 phone and therefore the controller will not work so far. Any suggestions?