Early photos of the Samsung Gear VR smartphone adapter firm up Samsung’s partnership with Oculus showing a ‘Powered By Oculus’ logo on the side of the new headset.

Engadget got an early look at Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone adapter for the Galaxy Note 4 which reveals a ‘Powered By Oculus’ logo on the side of the device. This leaves no doubt that the companies have been in cahoots together early on.

Not long ago, it was revealed that there was a Samsung touchscreen display hidden inside the Oculus Rift DK2. The rumors early on had put the relationship between the VR leader and the consumer electronics manufacturer as having Oculus provide their mobile SDK for use with Gear VR, while Samsung would provide their advanced screen technology for use in Oculus’ VR headsets.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 featuring a quad-HD (2.5k) display, it’s almost certain that Oculus’ first consumer headset, the CV1 will also include at least a quad-HD display when it launches (expected in 2015).

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  • Rdyplyr1

    So excited! :)

  • vanti

    I wonder what “Powered by Oculus” actually means. Are there motion trackers in the adapter or did Oculus help them with software for tracking, low persistance driver, timewarp? Or is it simply co-branding?