‘Secret of Retropolis’ Sequel and MR Spin-off Releasing This Month, Trailer Here


Peanut Button, the indie studio behind adventure game The Secret of Retropolis (2021), announced two new titles are coming this month, both the game’s long-awaited VR sequel as well as a new MR spin-off game.

The sequel, called Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye, is set to release in full on Meta Qest via App Lab and SteamVR headsets on January 18th.

The studio says this includes a free update of three new episodes after the first episode of the Retropolis 2 was initially released to early access back in June.

Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye¬†continues the original’s VR narrative set to a full-length adventure game. Here’s how Peanut Button describes it:

Immerse yourself in the shadows, where danger lurks and every step leads you further to the edge of madness. Navigate the neon-lit streets as robo-detective Philip Log and search for Jenny Montage, the automated femme fatale, in this gritty post-apocalyptic saga.

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The mixed reality game, called Retropolis dot.Line, is set to launch as a free to play casual title made for the new passthrough capabilities of the Quest 3.

Retropolis dot.Line is lets the player meet a futuristic female robot, solve 3D connect-the-dots puzzles, and earn Retropolis items to place in their homes and learn more about the Retropolis Universe by examining them, the studio says.

There’s an open beta already available through the Retropolis Discord (invite link), however a wider launch for the MR game is set to arrive for free on App Lab on January 31st.

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  • dextrovix

    Nice to here about a MR experience for Quest 3, although I guess being free I’ll ensure my expectations are managed, with it likely closer to something like the free So I Expect You To Die 3 MP offering on App Lab…

  • Nice! I love this game and I can’t wait to play this sequel