SHVR Vive Jam Dev Log #2: Prototyping and Debugging


The SHVR Vive Jam in Shanghai enters its second day. Developers have put pen to paper fingers to keyboard to begin executing their ideas. The 14 teams have access to three HTC Vive development kits for testing in 30 minute blocks. They’d better use their time wisely as submissions are due at 4pm tomorrow.

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  • Don Gateley

    Thanks, Ben. Good stuff. It’s pretty clear that Team 1 has their sites more on getting rich than having fun. :-) No dis intended; enterprise aimed apps are a very good thing to see.

    Do you have a feel yet for how much of what you are seeing actually requires room scale interaction? That won’t be an option for me unfortunately. For me to be able to use an app there must be a way of effecting what can be done at room scale while seated.

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