Alban-DenoyelOriginally launched in 2012, Sketchfab has grown to be the largest social media website for sharing 3D objects and scenes with over 500,000 members and close to 1 million experiences. At SIGGRAPH, Sketchfab launched their VR browser to be able to navigate between many different 3D objects without having to leave virtual reality. Once inside an Sketchfab experience, then you can teleport around and change the scale. Sketchfab can import over 30 different types of 3D file formats, and is currently working with the Tiltbrush team to be able to have direct support for exporting and sharing your 3D creations on the web.

I had a chance to catch up with Sketchfab co-founder Alban Denoyel at SIGGRAPH to talk about the evolution of Sketchfab over the years, and their two big bets that there are going to be more and more 3D content creators and consumers as virtual and augmented reality technologies become more mainstream.


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  • There’s a social media site just for 3D objects? What do they do? Just sit around laughing at things with only 2 axis? Have they never heard of time?! Will this cycle of endless dimensionism never end?!?

    • Fernando

      Wow you are dumb. They already have animations. Their VR app is amazing. Take a look before blabbing nonsense. And grow up or stop posting.

      • It’s a joke, however you judge it’s value. Hint: time is the 4th dimension.

        • Fernando

          3D model + time = …? (Hint: animation)
          You’re even dumber than I thought.

          • While you are an eminently rude person, I am interested to explore the limits of what I as yet still assume is a misunderstanding, regardless of the fact that you seem to be bent on either finding or creating enemies where none exist by stomping around the Internet poking sharp words at people. In doing so I will break the cardinal rule of both comedy and magic by explaining myself:

            My comment is a joke. Like knock knock. Who’s there? A joke. It’s a play on words and expectations, in this case in regards only to the headline of the article in question, which calls Sketchfab “a social media site for 3D objects”, as though it is aiming to allow objects that exist in only three dimensions a space to socialize with each other; a sort of “cubed mixer”, if you will. It presented a funny image in my head, and spawned the use of the word “dimensionism”, alluding to actual serious social problems culminating in formally segregated or striated social groups, such as racism, or sexism. It’s pure silliness.

            So, do you maintain your dispute?

          • Fernando

            Oooooooooow. Now I get it: you’re so full of yourself that you think this is humorous and/or interesting and/or adds something to the article. You clearly have no clue about how to setup a joke because you have a total lack in empathy.

            And you know what they say about people that try to win an ‘argument’: the more ‘difficult’ words they use…

            This was never a dispute. You are just an annoying little person that should shut up.

          • Bryan Ischo

            I like Will’s comments much better than yours, for the record. So if someone has to shut up … I nominate you.

          • I’m worried for you, Fernando. I wrote a joke and posted it because I thought it was funny; if you can’t see the value in even attempting to bring humor into this world we live in, there is a larger problem at work. Launching a personal attack on top of this just seems very unbalanced, and suggests fixation on your part. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Ian Shook

    I never really considered sketchfab a social media site.