VR Strategy Game ‘Skyworld’ to Launch on PSVR Soon

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Vertigo Games, the developers behind Arizona Sunshine (2016), today announced their PC VR strategy game Skyworld (2017) is finally making its way to PlayStation VR this month.

Update (March 13th, 2019): Vertigo Games today announced that Skyworld will launch for PlayStation VR on March 26th, 2019. The PSVR release will add new player-progress features to the game including a persistent leveling system whereby players can earn
XP in single and multiplayer matches and from daily challenges, and unlock avatars. The studio also says a new leaderboard specifically for PSVR users will be available.

The original article announcing its “early 2019” launch window follows below.

Original Article (November 27th, 2018): Skyworld is slated to arrive on PSVR next year, Vertigo Games tells us, although there’s no specific launch date yet. The studio says it’ll launch sometime in early 2019 (see update).

Image courtesy Vertigo Games

Skyworld reimagines classic strategy gameplay for VR by combining turn-based strategy and real-time battles set in a variety of animated miniature worlds. Featuring both single-player campaign and online multiplayer battles, Skyworld lets you build and command pint-sized armies and build decks spanning land, air, ranged, and spellcasting units.

It’s uncertain at this time whether Skyworld will be available with cross-platform multiplayer, as the game has been available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift since its launch in late 2017.

Image courtesy Vertigo Games

While we haven’t had the opportunity to review Skyworld, check out our early hands-on from last year to get an idea of what it’s all about.

Skyworld currently sits at an 80% positive approval on Steam, giving it a ‘very positive’ rating. The game also sits at a respectable 4.3/5 stars on the Oculus Store.

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  • gothicvillas

    The thing is… on psvr you get full lobbies (most games). On PC I often stare at empty lobbies :(

    • Master E

      PSVR has been great… I own an oculus and have played with the Vive as well, but PSVR has surprised me with their continued support and content. Can’t wait for gen 2, some better tracking (which I feel is their worst feature with the move controllers), a new HMD, and some rumored recently patented finger tracking wrist bands!

      • Tommy Meliet

        you like 30 fps and vomiting that much?

        • Master E

          It’s functional but of course 60fps is better

          As far as the sickness goes

          I’m not one of the weak thankfully.

        • Hivemind9000

          What do you mean? I thought PSVR ran a native 60fps that is doubled to 120fps using reprojection?

    • namekuseijin

      hmm? look, pal, empty lobbies are a reality of VR so far because it’s a very small market. Currently overhyped games may have their lobbies full for now, or free games like Rec Room, but most other games at any one time are either empty or just 2 or 3 freaks playing.

      exclusive psvr titles tend to be pretty empty, gets better with games with crossplay with pc…

      • Baldrickk

        It’s actually quite interesting. Outside of VR, and I assume it’s the same within it to some degree – console gamers will play the latest hot thing.

        They will pick up games, play them for a bit, and then move on.
        The games that everyone is playing will be well populated, until the bulk of players move on to the next thing, which will be well populated.

        On the PC however, people often play games for longer. There is the latest hotness, but there is a lot more spread in what gets played at any time. This will of course mean that there are less playing any one game – but likewise, the game may very well exist for longer.
        Age of Empires II still has a thriving player-base, as an extreme example.

  • Mythos88

    WMR has also had it since launch but it didn’t launch with multiplayer. I don’t know if they added it later or WMR missed out on the MP.

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