Social media company Snapchat have just appointed a Hollywood effects artist Raffael Dickreuter who joined in June as a “Concept and Augmented Reality Designer.”

Raffael Dickreuter

Snapchat is a rising giant in social media platforms, and it seems the company is serious about keeping its system relevant by investigating in new, immersive technologies that may jive well with its particular brand of visual chat.

In June, Snapchat hired one Raffael Dickreuter, an Effects artist specialising in Previsualisation and Virtual Camera operation, to join the company as a “Concept and Augmented Reality Designer” according to Business Insider, indicating the company may be branching out into immersive territories soon enough.

This latest news added to a recent story featuring Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel wearing alleged prototype AR glasses not dissimilar in look to a product his company had recently acquired, Vergence Labs for a cool $15M, may indicate Snapchat is trying to steal a march on its rival Twitter, also reported to be working towards immersive versions of its social media platform.

Vergence Labs’ Epiphany Eyewear

Just what Snapchat is working on then is not yet clear, but with Google Glass’ consumer focus now abandoned with a shift in focus to enterprise, there may well be room for a new wearable with a social media focus on the market.

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