‘Sniper Elite VR’ Confirmed for Oculus Quest, Gameplay Trailer Here

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Rebellion announced today at Facebook Connect that Sniper Elite VR is officially headed to all major VR headsets, including SteamVR headsets, PSVR, and now Oculus Quest too.

Sniper Elite VR for Quest is being developed by Rebellion in collaboration with Coatsink and Just Add Water. The studio says Sniper Elite VR is headed to Quest “soon.”

In Sniper Elite VR you’re tasked with fighting for the Italian Resistance in an all-new mission to rid WWII-era Sicily of the Nazi U-boat menace.

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The single-player game is said to include first-person action, an explosive campaign and immersive motion controls. Yes, there’s also going to be the iconic x-ray kill cam.

Rebellion mentioned at the E3 2019 gameplay reveal that the game’s weaponry will not only include the obligatory sniper rifles, but also a host of other weapons such as various SMGs, pistols, grenades, and a tactical ‘Welrod’ suppressed pistol for stealthy kills.

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    I really hope they aren’t scaling down the game to work on Facebook Mobile.

    • JB1968

      Are you joking? The Quest port will have poor mobile graphics as most of native Quest games. No way to see things as in the trailer.

      • Ad

        To run on the quest, a game needs to cut certain things from all versions, if it’s coming out day one. Sure graphics are downscaled, but CPU intensive things also get cut because otherwise you’d have to make large parts of the game twice.

        • Rosko

          It will most likely not be downgraded IMO as its been in development for some time. I think going forward though we can kiss goodbye to nice looking VR games on PC.

  • JakeDunnegan

    sweet! Love this series on PC…