Although Fall Guys (2020) is only available on PS4 and PC, it wasn’t long until a dedicated fan came along to recreate a few of the knockout-style game’s levels in VR.

Making things in VR is easier than ever now, especially with the entrance of user-focused creation suites such as Dreams on PSVR and social VR game Rec Room, which is available on all major VR headsets.

Since Rec Room’s inclusion of circuits though, which allows users to script more complex behaviors in their own user-generated worlds, talented Rec Roomies have been making all sorts of fun and engaging stuff for anyone on the platform to experience.

The so-dubbed ‘RecFallGuys’ mini game, which was published by Rec Room user ‘Dan’ in mid-August, lets you play a number of levels, including Jump Club, Whirly Gig, Hex-a-Gone, Gate Crash, and Slime Climb. You can play each discrete level with up to 40 players now, or go through knockout rounds just like in the real deal.

You can check out some of those levels below, as captured by YouTuber ‘HairyManLegs’:

It’s amazing how close the VR counterpart is to the real Fall Guys; it even includes the game’s music in addition to a well-studied recreation of the levels listed above.

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Granted, much of the fun of Fall Guys lies in many of the game mechanics you simply can’t recreate in Rec Room (yet?), such as grabbing ahold of your opponent to terrorize them at the finish line and and stumbling when you fall from a tall height. Otherwise, pretty much every thing else is there, like getting knocked around by the rotating bars in Jump Club, or falling to the slime below when a tile disappears underneath you in Hex-a-Gone.

Like many fan-built projects, the RecFallGuys probably constitutes copyright infringement, so there’s no telling how long it will be active on Rec Room. Despite this, the adaptation proves that Fall Guys actually works pretty well in VR, although it notably lacks the haphazard dogpile of jelly bean-people dressed like hotdogs and dinosaurs that makes the original so dang fun.

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    Rec Room is so strong a platform, but there are definitely still things it needs to add. I’ve seen a lot of impressive things created but they feel like creators are still hacking things together. I was playing an animal crossing stage and there were bug nets, and then ladders. There was no way to climb the ladder without dropping the big net, and no way to store it. It was also really hard to climb anything or get around vertically. There are those core things RecRoom really needs to improve on. For creation I’ looking at Modbox, it looks like you’ll be able to do really cool things with it.

    • I’ve been saying games like VRC and Rec Room need bags of holding style inventories for ages now.

  • FairlySadPanda

    There’s also a world in VRChat named ‘Fall Dudes’.

  • wheeler

    First person VR platformers are becoming one of my favorite kinds of VR games. Another great one that recently came out is Yupitergrad. It’s challenging and a lot of fun. The music and Soviet style communism theme are excellent

  • Nice!

  • Is a few rotating obstacles in Rec Room really “News”? I know there’s good VR games and apps out there, but this is the stuff that gets promoted.

    This website might benefit from somebody going out, finding the best and brightest apps recently released on Steam, and promoting them. There are gems out there. This is though is so…. underwhelming.