Sony Announces ‘Tetris Effect’ for PSVR & PS4, Coming Fall 2018

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It looks like the alleged Sony E3 leak, which showed Resident Evil 2 (1998), Spider-Man, and BioShock Resurgence coming to PSVR, hasn’t gotten its moment of vindication yet, as Sony today announced that a new Tetris game is coming to the PS4 console with PSVR support.

Dubbed Tetris Effect, the new game is apparently named after the real-world phenomenon where a player’s brains continues to see the iconic blocks well after the session is finished. Boasting some trippy 3D worlds that “react and evolve based on how you play,” the game’s music, backgrounds, sounds, special effects are all said to pulse, dance, shimmer, and explode in sync.

Image courtesy Enhance

The game, which is slated to arrive sometime in Fall 2018, is created by Monstars and Enhance, the minds behind Rex Infinite (2001) and its more recent VR adaptations.

Sony is announcing more new VR games leading up to E3, with the next PSVR reveals coming Saturday, June 9th at 8am PT, and an “eagerly anticipated game” on June 10th at 8am PT.

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  • David Herrington

    Is there a techno-dinosaur game “Rex Infinite”?

    • dogtato

      Yes, but a player needs multiple brains to play it.

  • David Herrington

    Wow. I don’t even like Tetris that much but that trailer is fantastic with the music. Does anyone know who the singer is? I want to buy that song.

  • MatBrady

    What a huge pile of bullshit.

    It’s fucking Tetris…

    …waaait for it… in VR! That’s right. That’s it. Big fuuuucking deal. Y’know, you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter, and look at all the glitter they’re rolling that idea in. A voice over trying to wedge science into it, with another voice singing, “We’re all connected.” Holy shit, that is some seriously deep bullshit.

    • gothicvillas

      Why are you raging? Tetris VR looked dope.

      • kool

        Tetris on dmt!

    • You beat me to it by 2 hours! After watch that pretentious video, that’s EXACTLY what I wanted to say….

      It’s F*CKING Tetris….

      Btw, I watched that video, *ALL* the way through, hoping for ONE mother F*CKING second of gameplay, and saw NONE! Screw you, Tetris! And your theme music will always be out of a Gameboy, you blowhards! Connect yourself to my AA batteries… :p

  • NooYawker

    How are you supposed to see the next drop with all those effects going on?