Sophia-DominguezSophia Dominguez is going all in with virtual reality, and she talks her journey of making virtual reality a career. She’s the author of the weekly AllThingsVR newsletter, and she has been working as the entrepreneur in residence at the Rothenberg Ventures River Program. She was inspired by M. T. Anderson’s Feed inspired her to get into technology in order prevent a sci-fi dystopian future, and eventually traveled to a number of countries showing people Google Glass for the first time in order to counter the negative press it had been receiving. Sophia is really interested in social VR and she shares her experience of the Toybox demo from Oculus Connect 2 as well as her vision for her own social video viewing experiences using WebVR. Sophia has a lot of passion for the potentials of these immersive technologies, and is making a lot of strategic moves to be involved with VR for a very long time.


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