‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ Trailer Features Trek Celebs in VR


Ubisoft published, Red Storm developed virtual reality VR game Star Trek: Bridge Crew has become one of the most anticipated VR titles at E3 since details of it leaked a few days ago. Ubisoft have now released a trailer featuring stars from different Star Trek franchises Karl Urban, Jeri Ryan and LeVar Burton trying out a mission from the new game, apparently, loving every minute.

Check out this new trailer, released in the wake of Ubisoft’s E3 event where Star Trek: Bridge Crew was officially unveiled to the world. And this isn’t your lazy rapid edit to catchy music montage type affair, this teaser for the game is one fans will want to check out.

The new title features four player online multiplayer co-op and so, appropriately, Ubisoft had 3 members of different Trek franchises play the role of one four playable positions on the bridge of a new starship which exists within a post JJ Abrams, 2009 reboot universe. The fourth position was filled by Red Storm’s David Votypka. Those Trek stalwarts were Karl Urban (Dr “Bones” McCoy from the rebooted film series), Jeri Ryan (who played Seven of Nine in Voyager) and Levar Burton (Geordie LaForge from The Next Generation) – all wearing Oculus Rifts and wielding Oculus Touch controllers.

Whilst by definition, these people are paid to take part in this as a promotional exercise, I can’t help feeling that the exasperated praise issuing forth from each cast member sounded pretty genuine.

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew is on its way for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in the fall and it’s also available to play at E3 this week and Road to VR will be at the show bringing you the latest VR news.

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  • Joe Bazaar

    you can warp drive directly into an enemy ship unharmed?

  • Alx

    Captain, it appears we are all stuck to our seats!

    • glyphery

      D’accord. This is a bit of a worry for me as a Vive owner. The trailers give no indication that the game in its release form will support room-scale VR, and a great part of the joy of being plunked down in a fully-immersive starship bridge (for me) is going to be the ability to explore every part of it.

      I can perfectly understand why the dev team would have wanted to simplify the set of design problems they had to solve by “welding” players to their chosen stations on the bridge, but I’m hoping that future VR releases in the franchise will expand the options to include some sort of free-roaming mode.

      • Alx

        Yeh its a bit of a fail really. Imagine being able to walk in to a transporter and be beamed down to a planets surface. All these opportunities have been lost with glue bum syndrome. :)

    • DougP

      Side effect of targeting Oculus support.

      Victim of Facebook’s backdoor dealings w/Microsoft & forcing ancient tech on us.

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    I’ll also appear to be having fun if you pay me. When it showed what they were seeing, it looked pretty blah, the whole push buttons on a control console seems like fun for about 30 seconds.

    • victor

      Obviously you have not tried VR!
      There is NO WAY to communicate what it looks like VR from a 2D screen.
      Every person I’ve put my oculus on had the exact same reaction!…and they were not paid!

      • Smokey_the_Bear

        Actually I have, I own a Vive. While it’s impossible to explain the immersivness of VR to people, but graphics are graphics. A 2D screen can & does show you the quality of the visuals. Too many developers are relying on the immersion to take ur breath away, they should be focused on the visuals just as much.

        • Jeul

          I disagree. As someone that has played many hours of Minecrift (Minecraft VR), I can personally tell you that graphical fidelity is not as important as the immersion from VR.

          Sure, it’ll be nice to have photo-realistic games in VR, but it’s totally unnecessary. Simple graphics, when done well, can work just fine – especially in VR.

    • glyphery

      I too would like to see a bit more complexity in the available controls at each of the bridge stations. At the moment it looks as if they have been designed for “lowest-common denominator”, despite the fact that each of the actors is depicted using Oculus Touch prototypes.

      It is therefore disappointing to see that the only thing you get to use these 6 DOF controllers on is a flat 2D touch-panel interface. Again, I recognise that this sort of decision will be an ongoing headache for devs, as no one wants to deploy multiple control mechanics to cater for both tracked and non-tracked controllers.

  • Sam Illingworth

    Hey, it’s Dredd!