For those waiting to catch a glimpse of the new Star Wars Battlefront VR title announced for the PlayStation VR back at GDC in March, we got exactly that during EA’s opening E3 2016 keynote.

At GDC in March, Sony finally laid out its retail plans for its long awaited PlayStation VR headset for the PlayStation 4. We got prices, details of bundles and a look ahead to the titles we can expect to see on the platform in the coming months.


One of the more exciting mentions was the promise of a new title to come from EA, developed as part of the the new Star Wars Battlefront, and exclusive to PlayStation VR. In today’s EA keynote, held ahead of the E3 2016 Expo in LA next week, we could just a couple of seconds of what the new title might look like when it lands ‘soon’. Looks very much like the player seen in the video, shown wearing a PSVR unit, is taking an X-Wing fighter (or at least something with an eerily similar cockpit) for a spin.


Sadly, no more than those few seconds of gameplay were seen, but it’s good to see EA highlighting the title and gives us hope we’ll see more of it as E3 2016 unfolds next week. PSVR meanwhile will go on sale in October from $399.

Road to VR are in LA reporting from the E3 show floor all week.

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