Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine for HTC Vive, Full Trailer is Here


After a very brief and accidental release last week, ILMxLab’s trailer for the Star Wars experience subtitled ‘Trials on Tatooine’ – a room-scale experiment in the Star Wars universe – is here and we’ve got the full trailer for you.

The experimental arm of the special effects division of Lucasfilm – Industrial Light and Magic – now owned by Disney, have made some over the last 12 months with its concerted focus on bringing the beloved Star Wars franchise to the immersive realm.

Most recently, the ILMxLab team brought their experimental Holo-Cinema to Sundance, with an experience built around the Star Wars and Jurassic Park universes. Now, at GDC 2016, xLab has released the trailer for their HTC Vive Star Wars experience Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine. 

Let us know what you think in the comments section, we’ll have lots more from ILMxLab at GDC soon.

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  • Kyle Hopson

    O_O….yes please.

  • Matt R

    Oh wow. Now I’m really pleased I went for the vive.

    • Brandon Toy

      According to Lucasfilm’s CTO, they are developing platform agnostic. But as an Oculus guy, I will be VERY jealous of Vive owners until Touch comes out!

  • Give me a game not just a demo. I’ll throw my money at you. But just make sure it’s done right, this is Star Wars people. I’m willing to wait for a polished game.

    • Robot Zombie Games

      I think this is just to test the waters, so expect a full game soon after

  • Rafał Kun

    it’s nice that we are wathing this in a real Vive resolution.

    • Mark Holmes

      Is that what the resolution is really like or are you just being smart, I can’t tell lol

  • Robot Zombie Games

    Already a million times better than Battlefront

  • CMcD

    I got to play this and even though it’s short it was TRANSFORMATIVE. It made me realize… While holding that light saber, that room scale VR is the future and I immediately preordered my own vive. I hope this demo results in a full on game because I could spend hours in that world… I felt like I was actually there which was AMAZING. Watching the video just looks super boring, nothing like being inside.

  • RavnosCC

    Anyone have any information on when this will be available to current Vive folks?