Steel Crew is an upcoming VR-compatible PC game that puts up to three players in a tank and tasks them with out-maneuvering and firing the realistic vehicle for some explosive tank vs. tank online combat.

Aiming for launch sometime this year, Steel Crew lets you team up as a Driver, Gunner or Commander so you can rove through the countryside on your deadly mission to eliminate both crew-manned tanks and AI-controlled tanks alike. Yes, in case you were wondering, tanks also typically have Loaders, however that position has been automated away in a supposed attempt to keep gameplay interesting for everyone involved.

Magnus Ander, the game’s sole developer, says in the game’s Steam listing that “tactics and communication is key” when it comes to playing Steel Crew. Here’s an earlier look at the game, which is still a work in progress:

Steel Crew’s focus is said to be almost entirely on tank warfare, and that infantry won’t be featured in the game. Besides having a better view of the battlefield, the Commander is also tasked with calling in airstrikes on enemy positions, which may help flush out adversaries from behind cover.

It’s still early days, and much still need to be revealed about the indie game, however Ander says Steel Crew is set to launch on both SteamVR headsets and standard monitors for cross-play. That, combined with AI-controlled vehicles, will hopefully fill out the game’s servers when it releases sometime this year.

You can wishlist Steel Crew on Steam here.

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    This looks fantastic, I’m glad they’re doing crossplay with PC rather than mobile since this is a sim, and I can’t wait to pick it up and drive some T-34s across Kursk.

  • david vincent

    Looks good ! Now, to convince tank simmers to let go of Post Scriptum…

  • JakeDunnegan

    In a “supposed” attempt to keep the gameplay interesting? I mean, who plays Railroad Tycoon so they can play the coal shoveler? I don’t think this is exactly a bad move on the Dev’s part… Not sure why “supposed’ was included in that sentence…

  • Magyar Farkas
    This was a realy good tank sim…Multiplayer,not co-op…
    Due to the many “vr dead” news, the developer did not further develop them…

  • Interesting concept!