Like all Oculus Studios titles, Stormland officially only supports the Oculus platform. Thanks to an update to Revive, a free unofficial mod, Stormland is now compatible with Valve Index, HTC Vive, Cosmos, Windows VR, and other SteamVR headsets.

Update (January 2nd, 2020): The latest version of Revive, 1.9.2, now supports Stormland on Index, HTC Vive, Cosmos, Windows VR, and other SteamVR headsets out of the box. We tested the first 20 minutes of the game using Valve Index and found that it worked without issue, though the game’s performance doesn’t seem to be quite as good as when played natively with the Rift. While other headsets should also work, controller that differ greatly from Oculus Touch (like Vive wands) may make the experience less than ideal.

We haven’t yet confirmed if co-op works correctly for Stormland with Revive (prior reports indicated issues with remaining connected to peers).

For those that were using the earlier manual fix for Stormland with Revive, version 1.9.2 also fixes an issue that caused some parts of Stormland to render differently in each eye.

Update (November 15th, 2019): With the blessings of Revive developer CrossVR, YouTuber ‘CircuitLord’ has posted a quick fix that should get you playing Stormland with Revive. Some users are reporting noticeable jitter, so your mileage may vary until CrossVR can develop a more permanent fix.

Before you try to get Stormland up and running, you should have the latest version of Revive installed, as well as CrossVR’s own Stormland-specific files, which can be found linked in the description of CircuitLord’s video tutorial.

Original Article (November 14th, 2019): Revive works more-or-less seamlessly for playing games from the Oculus PC library on SteamVR headsets like Index, Vive, and Windows VR. However, when we tested Stormland with the mod, we couldn’t get the game to launch at all. We’ve heard the same thing from other pre-release testers.

This happens occasionally when it comes to just-launched titles; a fix is often issued by Revive’s developers shortly after launch. It may take longer this time around however, as the mod’s core developer said they don’t expect to have access to their workstation for “another month or so.” If the fix is straightforward, other Revive contributors could implement a fix before then.

Here's How 'Asgard's Wrath' Plays on Index and Vive via Revive

Road to VR has confirmed with Insomniac Games that the studio hasn’t done anything to intentionally prevent Stormland from working with Revive.

The issue may be related to the fact that the title uses Insomniac’s own in-house game engine (rather than the widely available Unity or Unreal Engine). Because of the way that Revive works, it’s unlikely that the engine difference would result in any fundamental issues with Stormland’s Revive compatibility, but it seems some work is needed to get the internal piping in order.

We’ll be keeping an eye on any future Revive updates that could bring Stormland compatibility to Index, Vive, WMR, and more.

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  • Oh Gosh

  • Joe Pineapples

    I wonder if Occlus have been inundated wuth refund requests as a result. It would be interesting to see the numbers on this.

    • Greyl

      Considering most PCVR users, even on Steam, use Oculus headsets, I don’t think it would be that big.

      • aasdfa

        thats a lie but ok

        • Greyl

          Objectively, as of October 2019, Rift and Rift S account for ~50% of VR headset users on Steam vs ~38% of Vive and Index users, combined, with only ~5% being Index owners. And now with Quest and Oculus Link, that number is going to greatly rise even further in Oculus’ favour.

          • Kasper S. Olesen

            Yup. I have an Index… but also a Rift and a Quest. At this point I dont even feel like connecting my Rift to play this game. I will just wait for the Revive update… or the Quest update… :P

          • Jonathan Winters III

            Yes, The HTC headsets just can’t compete with the quality, software library (exclusives), support, or price of Oculus offerings.

        • Bob

          It’s not a lie. It’s actually fact ;)

          Have you tried checking the statistics recently?

        • PJ

          This hasn’t worked out for you has it?!

    • care package

      was that an attempt to take a jab at Oculus? As opposed to whining about exclusivity?

      • Bob

        It was probably both.

  • Adrian Meredith

    This also means no virtual desktop for quest users so hope it gets sorted

    • Kasper S. Olesen

      It will get sorted, but Quest users will have the Link option soon anyway. Should get the update this month.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Thanks for this article.It possibly saved me much time and money.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I actually was very hyped about this game until all the recent vid reviews.It doesn’t really impress me much.I rather see a mod or vr support for rdr2.

    • aasdfa

      I agree with you a lot!

    • Erilis

      I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m excited for a very simple reason, I’m just hoping for a semi realistic vegetation for a change. Anything in VR so far has been a let down, just very flat, paper like things… forget about grass.

    • Michael Kim

      As a Rift S owner with i7 8700k 5GHz OC and RTX2080ti running super sampling at least 1.5 (very important) with everything max in game graphic settings, This game is just simply amazing. The most emmersive and beautiful VR game I have ever played. However, if you run without any super sampling (at 1.0), you could feel little lack of sharpness of scenes for distance objects in Rift S

  • Gonzax

    Oh crap!

  • huh

    The sales figures would be interesting once/if Revive starts working.
    I haven’t purchased because I wanted too see if revive works first.
    I hope it eventually does work, as it looks like an interesting game.
    If it doesn’t work, I will look at RDR2 and VorpX for my next adventure.
    Cheers all.

    • Kasper S. Olesen

      Revive will work for it… always a problem the first few days, but usually they have an update ready within a week. I already bought it, but even though I have a Rift I will just wait. Either Revive gets updated… or the Quest will :P

  • Juan Ritz

    Well this is disappointing, I just bought it to be used with Index. I have a Rift S, but it just feels like taking two steps back whenever I use it. I guess I’ll be waiting it out for the revive update. Blarg.

    • Kasper S. Olesen

      What do you dislike about the Rift S compared to the Index? I ask because I have only tried the Quest, Rift and Index, but not the Rift S. The Quest does have the resolution of the Index and I am really annoyed by the glare problem with the Index. Every time I start it up the first thing I see is glare reflection in the lenses. It gets better when you are in a game that is not too dark.

      But it might make me use the Quest for several games when the Link update is out.

      • 1234WARMANNNN

        I wouldn’t argue that the Rift S is better than the Index, at least in my opinion the Index is superior in quite a few ways (tracking, refresh rate) but I’m still gonna get a Rift S because of affordability. I can completely understand that he, owning both, feels like the Rift S is inferior.

        • Juan Ritz

          Unless there’s something specific to the Rift S that you need/prefer, I would highly recommend looking into picking up a Quest.

          • 1234WARMANNNN

            I’ve been wanting a VR headset for years now, and only recently got a part-time job to pay for one. Most of the games I want to play are PCVR, so buying a Quest then waiting for Link to come out before I can play the games I want feels like a waste of good VR playtime. Also, Link still isn’t the same as a proper PCVR headset. Ultimately, a Rift S is the best option for me, especially since a Vive Pro is like $700 more here in Australia.

          • Evol Love

            I own index, rift s, and quest. The glare on the index is definitely annoying and really is a shame. However it is leaps above the Facebook offerings in practically every other way. As for the quest its overall very impressive however it’s really front heavy, for this reason I only plan to use it in mobile situations. The Rift S is pretty comfortable, the best halo style strap I’ve experienced so far and it’s quite light. Between the quest or rift s for home use, rift s hands down.

          • Kasper S. Olesen

            I am modding the Quest to make it more comfortable. So far I have given it a Vive Deluxe Audio strap and I plan on getting some facepads for it as well, and there is a halo strap solution for it that I also want to try to see which one I find the most comfortable. I still have my original Rift and it is quite comfortable I think.

            I got this dream of maybe being able to get someone to make a Quest mod that adds a flip-up visor halo strap with headphones to the Quest.

        • Kasper S. Olesen

          Yeah, even though I do not notice it much, that Index refresh rate is nice. Especially because it also affects the tracking, its based on the same frequency. So the Index can be tracked twice as much as the Quest per second. That has got to make a difference.

      • Juan Ritz

        Indeed, the glare inside the Index is unfortunate, though I don’t find it to be a deal breaking Achilles heel. Thankfully, my brain tends to disregard it after a few minutes.

        The pros far outweigh this main con in my opinion. Overall comfort, build quality, tracking accuracy, FOV, adjustable/superior refresh rates, instant-swap magnetic facial interface (I really think that this goes underappreciated), greater hand/finger fidelity, mod potential, and audio that isn’t an outright embarrassment. I do prefer Oculus’ chaperone solution, and it has an obvious advantage in ease of use and setup. I also appreciate the clear optics.

        For comparison sake, I also have a Pimax 5k plus that’s been modified with the Vive deluxe audio strap. While the added FOV is fantastic, my brain still reads distortion in my periphery, creating an optical fishbowl effect. I find that effect far worse than the glare inside the Index. It’s probably my third most used headset (Index-Quest-Pimax), largely because of this optical distortion. Hopefully they can fix it further in software updates.

        Obviously, none of this is apples to apples, as the Rift S is relatively inexpensive, so it’s not a shock that it doesn’t really compete with higher end headsets. On the other hand, I think that the Quest is a brilliant piece of hardware, and that’s the headset that I tell anyone interested in getting into VR to pick up. Especially now with Link on the way, I find the Rift S extremely hard to recommend to anyone. It’s certainly not a bad headset (audio nonsense aside), there are just better options everywhere you turn.

        • mirak

          What is occulus chaperone solution ?

  • wheeler

    As usual they’ve got it working quickly–less than a day after release this time.

    • Juan Ritz

      Welp…I was supposed to work tonight.

  • What could be keeping him away from his workstation for a months…ah well

    • MeowMix

      I heard he’s on vacation. Let the man have a life !

      • – Let the man have a life !


  • Just a note for anyone who hasn’t played it on Oculus and is trying it on Revive first:

    the game is actually a little jittery even on Oculus, so that jittery may or may not be Revive’s fault.

    • Chris Madsen

      I’ve played on both my Rift S and Index and agree the performance is very similar for me.

    • I played it via the quest link and the index. On the quest it was buttery smooth and it was pretty jittery on the index.

  • mirak

    Why do you even bother paying for a game that requires a hack to be played …
    Why give money to a company that don’t give a shit about you …

    • Michael Kim

      Well at least they give a lot of shit about their customers for sure though ;)

      • mirak

        So from what you say, if you buy a rift exclusive to play it on Revive you are not their customer.
        That’s pretty much what I was implying in my original post.
        Why give money to a company that don’t see you as a customer.

        • well for one (and probably many) because I don’t just buy games to support a developer, I buy a game to play a game that I’m interested in.

  • MatBrady

    It works, and I’ve been playing it. It’s excellent.

  • awesome!

  • 3872Orcs

    I keep buying their games but I’m always disappointed by the performance on Revive. Bad performance in VR bothers me a lot!

  • Brad Bergeron

    im on the 2.0 or what the fuck ever and it still does not work for me on cosmos. I cant play Stormland period. It just trys to open and shows steam home and boom nothing……. been almost 6 months. I have tried it all..