Long-awaited ‘STRIDE’ Story Mode Coming Later This Year, New Trailer Here


STRIDE: Fates, the upcoming story mode to the high-flying parkour game, was supposed to arrive late last year, although developer Joy Way delayed it in favor of fleshing out what promises to be a full-featured campaign.

Originally slated to launch in December 2022, STRIDE: Fates is set to introduce new parkour mechanics, new physics, and a narrative told from the life of a chaser in what at the time was said to be a 5+ hours solo adventure.

During the UploadVR Summer Showcase, the studio revealed new gameplay footage showing off the upcoming ‘Slums’ area, something slated to be a large open-world location that will take “about 15 minutes just to traverse from one end of the location to the other,” the studio says.

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Notably, the Slums area is only “one of the many places you will parkour through as a chaser,” the studio says.

Joy Way says it will be revealing a launch date, target platforms, and all other details later this summer. The base game is already available on Quest 2, SteamVR and the original PSVR.

While release info is still thin on the ground, in the meantime we’ll be sticking to the game’s Twitter for all the latest updates.

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  • Okay, that was an annoying wait, but if the story mode really plays like it looks in the trailer, then it just may have been worth it.

  • I’m a little biased having played the whole of Mirror’s Edge prior to this, STRIDE’S parkour mechanics are amazing, but the world has always felt a bit more bland than it’s mouse/controller inspiration. Glad to see a little bit more variety in scenery, even if it still isn’t quite as strikingly beautiful as the non-vr competition. hope the story can hold some water.

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Graphically impressive – let’s see if Joy Way releases a completed game, for the first time ever. Would garner more street cred for this company known for tech demos and unfinished paid products.

  • hiesenburger

    is this a new game or update