Sulon Magic Beans AR Video Might Show New Sulon Q Headset in Action


Earlier today a media leak confirmed the existence of a new untethered VR and AR headset from Sulon and AMD, known currently as the ‘Q’. Now, a video demonstration has appeared which may show that hardware in use.

Titled ‘Magic Beans’, the augmented reality experience running on unconfirmed hardware, takes its cues from the classic fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. The video features a computer generated magical floating book appearing in front of the user, subsequently spilling the titular beans before finally spawning a giant beanstalk which proceeds to grow at rate, smashing through the ceiling revealing a rampaging giant.


Although it’s not explicitly stated in the video, the AMD FX and Radeon logos at the video’s close probably means the video will be used to highlight the new Sulon Q’s capabilities after the new HMD is officially unveiled this afternoon at AMD’s special ‘Capsaican’ event at GDC in San Francisco. It also ties in with information leaked via the Sulon website which introduced the technology behind the new website.

The video seems to have been shot quite carefully to avoid quick shifts in movement but despite that, the virtual objects overlaid into the physical world don’t quite stay in sync – highlighting the difficulty of extracting absolute (or relative), positional information using computer vision based solutions – in the case of the Sulon Q, what look to be two front-facing cameras. But the experience is inventive and looks hugely entertaining and having an augmented character reach into the physical world to pull you into a virtual one is something a little special. It also aptly demonstrates the supposed dual capabilities of the headset, AR and VR.


We’re hoping to bring you more information about the new headset direct from the AMD press event later today. Road to VR is at GDC 2016 all week bringing you the latest from the show.

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  • francoislaberge
  • Steve Biegun

    Most importantly, where can I buy a poop emoji pillow?

    In all seriousness, this is great. If the tech can actually replicate what we see in this video, they’re on the right track. I’ll be very excited to see how far developers can run with it when there is more information.

  • Bryan Ischo

    Sigh. Wish I could load that video but Vimeo hoses my flash block software. I’m not turning flash block off just for that. Let me know when it hits YouTube.

  • Ryan Knapp

    Very impressive… internal position tracking,AR/VR and tetherless in one hmd. I love how these big reveals are starting to pop up from big tech companies who have clearly been working on them for awhile. Exciting times indeed. I may have jumped the gun on my CV1 order.

  • realtrisk

    We’ve seen the extreme difficulty of doing things like AR. Anybody who has read the many articles on this website talking about VR and AR development should be extremely skeptical of all that this promises, especially coming out of nowhere with a “spring” release. There can’t even be any software available for it in that amount of time.

    How can they hope to build hype and keep it from being a stillborn tech? Oculus and Valve have been building up brand recognition and excitement for well over a year, and this thing thinks it can just breeze in and drop with no fanfare? Not to mention with these specs, it must be insanely expensive.