AMD’s Capsaicin GDC event is over and we now have official high resolution images and technical specifications for the new Sulon and AMD powered augmented and virtual reality headset the Sulon Q.

Billed by Sulon as the world’s first and only all-in-one, tether-free, “wear and play” headset for VR, AR and spatial computing, the Sulon Q has today been officially unveiled at GDC 2016. Below is a complete list of the official ‘expected’ specifications for the device and a raft of high resolution renders for the headset.

Sulon Q Headset Expected Specifications

Experiences: VR, AR, and spatial computing
External Hardware: Lightweight, comfortable, ergonomically designed all-in-one tether-free form factor.


  • AMD FX-8800P processor at up to 35W with Radeon™ R7. Graphics leveraging AMD’s Graphics Core Next architecture
  • 4 compute cores and 8 GPU cores unlocked through Heterogeneous System Architecture (HAS)
  • Sulon Spatial Processing Unit (SPU)
  • Memory 8 GB DDR3L MemoryStorage 256 GB SSDDisplay 2560×1440 OLED display at 90 Hz
  • 110-degree Field-of-View


  • 3D spatial audio powered by GenAudio’s AstoundSound® technology
  • Built-in 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Custom spatially-optimized Sulon Q earbudsDual noise-cancelling embedded microphones.

Tracking: Sulon Spatial Processing Unit combining real-time machine vision technologies
and mixed reality spatial computer for real-time environment mapping and tracking from the inside outward, dynamic virtualization for VR/AR fusion, and gesture


  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • Spatial mapping and tracking


  • Microsoft Windows® 10
  • “Project Dragon” application for spatial computing
  • AMD LiquidVR technologies for ensure smooth and responsive VR and AR experiences


  • Wireless keyboard and mouse provided in box
  • Any other Windows 10-compatible controllers and joysticks


  • WiFi 802.11n/ac + Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2 x USB 3.0 Type AMicro HDMI OUT
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  • gabriel garcia

    How does the OS work, can I play other games that aren’t meant for Vr like skyrim?

  • VR Geek

    I am really not sure Windows 10 is the way to go. I love Microsoft and feel they have done a lot of great things, but as a Windows 10 user for the past few months, I am deeply disappointed. Many of the same old glitches, and clumsy interfaces still exist mostly due to legacy support of the “old way” of doing windows. Honestly, a fresh start is needed here IMO. It is why IOS was so successful. Sorry AMD and Sulon, you had me up until you said Windows 10. Someone will build a fresh VR/AR OS and will eat your lunch. Please…let it be someone other than Apple.

    • Bryan Ischo

      I started this post asking why you would care if it was Apple that made the next great VR system, but after some thought, I’m starting over. While I have nothing against Apple per se, I generally don’t like the efforts they go through to keep their ecosystem closed and I can see where a company that values closed ecosystems so highly would not be a welcomed contributor to VR tech at this early point in the game. I’m already a bit miffed that we have some Oculus-only titles, I cannot imagine how much worse an Apple product would be in that regard.

      No doubt they’d make some killer hardware though.

      • FloridaOJ

        Some killer hardware that looks pretty, but is outdated by 2 generations of technology with no legitimate GPU support?

        • Bryan Ischo

          You need to understand that products are more than their spec sheets.

          All of the things that Oculus is touting as the features of the CV1 are pretty much non-spec-sheet refinements. Those are important. Apple is incredibly good at them.

          • FloridaOJ

            For people like myself (developers) it’s eyecandy, but unimportant. I rather my phone look like a rock I found on the street and complete every task I wish to throw at it, than have something pretty that’s locked down ridiculously.

    • PrymeFactor

      What does the interface of Windows 10 have to do with anything? You really think you’ll use the WIndows desktop in this? Really?

      It’s going to have a launcher that boots on startup that doesn’t look like the Windows desktop…it runs Windows for compatibility

      Nobody is going to build a VR OS that loses compatibility with all the games released on Steam + Windows. Nobody is that foolish.

    • RockstarRepublic

      ha… you cant be serious. If you are, that is perhaps the most stupid post I have seen here at roadtovr.

    • kalqlate

      Instead of Windows 10, they should’ve labeled it as the AR component of Windows 10, which is Windows Holographic. As with any component of Windows, Microsoft included APIs for Windows Holographic specifically to ease third-party development and to allow other hardware manufactures to produce compatible HMDs that can take advantage of the tremendous R&D Microsoft has put into developing a foundation for AR presentation and interaction. That Sulon or any HMD manufacturer is able to tap into and utilize the same software tech that drives Microsoft’s Hololens is a boon for the industry and consumers:

  • realtrisk

    …and if you order now, it also comes with the London bridge!

  • lanthas

    Looks interesting. Any word on battery life?

  • Muddy

    Paper specs are all well and good but think I’ll reserve opinion until they have a working unit to show and people can get some face time with it.

  • Mark Kiernan

    I expect it to cost about 2k

  • This is the first true AR / VR fusion product, which in itself is very interesting. a precursor of many things to come. Expect form factor to go transparent and size and weight to decrease by a factor of 10 within 10 years.

  • Ctrot

    So, I’m supposed to hang an entire PC on my head?