Superhot VR (2016) has now gone double platinum, putting the stylish red-guy-smashing action game at over two million copies sold across all VR platforms.

Released in 2016 on Rift as an Oculus Touch launch title, Superhot VR eventually made its way to nearly every VR platform, including SteamVR headsets, PSVR, and most recently Oculus Quest.

And it’s only gotten more popular over the years since launch, with its Quest release in 2019 seeing a 300 percent sales increase on the first day over its initial launch on Rift.

During holiday season 2019, the game grossed over $2 million in revenue in only one week across all platforms. And that was well after the VR game surpassed the original flatscreen game in overall revenue in April 2019.

“Across all sales platforms, we’ve managed to achieve something that not many developers manage to do in any medium, and that’s pretty meaningful to us so we thought we’d send a press release about it,” said Callum Underwood, Director of Special Projects at SUPERHOT Team. “VR has enabled us to do all the cool stuff we do here, and is paying for the livelihoods of over 45 people to put it bluntly.”

“2020 is shaping up to be our best year yet, sales of SUPERHOT VR are up at least 195% compared to this time last year, and we couldn’t be more proud,” said Alastair Hebson, Director of Other Special Projects at SUPERHOT Team.

'Superhot' Studio: No Current Plans for VR Version of 'MIND CONTROL DELETE'

The studio says various sales for Superhot VR game will start May 21st, and that users on all platforms should keep any eye out for savings.

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  • Congrats to them, very well deserved

  • DanDei

    Cool. Than give us more content! A level editor, a meaty DLC, a sequel.
    I want more!

  • david vincent

    $2M and still no sequel in the pipeline ? Incomprehensible… Another team dev should do it.

    • namekuseijin

      sheer inertia by quick cash with a boring game made for VRgins…