The studio behind the infectiously cool action game SUPERHOT VR (2016) say the Oculus Quest launch last week has brought them another big helping of success.

Superhot Team says in a press statement that on May 21st, Oculus Quest’s launch day, that the studio saw “300% higher sales than their launch on Oculus Rift.”

Superhot VR initially came to Rift on December 5th, 2016 as an Oculus Touch launch title. It later landed on Steam with support for HTC Vive, which ostensibly helped the game further build its profile as a ‘must play’ VR title.

Considering the game had already greatly benefited from name brand appeal thanks to its highly successful flatscreen version released in 2016, the revelation that Superhot VR has vastly outsold its initial PC VR launch in the first day could point to a much higher adoption rate of Oculus Quest.

“We’ve been amazed by the outstanding player reception on the Quest. It’s an outstanding piece of hardware that feels excitingly close to magic,” said Tom Kaczmarczyk, cofounder & director at SUPERHOT. “It represents a totally new quality in VR. It’s a watershed moment for the industry and the sales numbers suggests that players believe so too.”

'Superhot VR' Has Now Generated More Revenue Than The Original PC Game

It’s important to note that Superhot VR was not among the handful of games and apps to allow cross-buy with Rift, meaning anyone who owned it previously from the Oculus Store (and consequently also Steam) would have to purchase it again. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear Quest users were looking to spend money on sure-fire wins, and it seems that Superhot VR easily fills that role as an already low-poly game with plenty of style to boot.

If you haven’t played Superhot VR yet, check out our in-depth review to see why we gave it a well deserved [9.1/10].

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  • sfmike

    Great news for Superhot Studio and for VR as it means Quest sales are hopefully expanding the VR base we need to survive. In regard to the video it’s hilarious that when marketing games anymore it seem women are the only target regardless of how many actually care about tech or gaming, especially action games. Same thing with Star Wars: Vader Immortal as the preview showed the main character as female while the game presents you thankfully with a first person non-gendered view. So much political correctness in VR advertising.

    • burzum793

      This is an indicator that Facebooks strategy is correct: Push VR to the mass market through a convenient (no external sensor setup) and comparatively cheap device. As a VR enthusiast I don’t need any of the new devices right now, none of them gives me the big advance I would like to see (eye tracking, foveated rendering, higher resulution, wider field of view). But growing the market is IMHO even more important than satisfying just the highend users.

      • jj

        Streaming vr from desktop to the quest has been pretty epic!

      • enola

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  • ra51

    I actually got this for free on the Quest.

    • Navin Bhandari

      How come

      • ra51

        If you were an original Kickstarter backer, they sent you an email to provide them with your Oculus account email. Then on the Quest launch day after you signed in, Superhot showed up as a free download in your account. Pretty cool of them!

        • Navin Bhandari

          Im not paying for the game again..I have it on the rift and hardly play..but id love to see it on the quest, but the idea of paying twice for the same game seems unjust

          • Jistuce

            God forbid people actually pay for a new port that requires actual development work.

          • Evol Love

            While I understand the port required work (this game with it’s very simple graphics was probably one of the easier ports). I highly doubt the sales from people who already purchased the game once on the same store are the reason for their success. I refuse to ever buy the same game twice on the same store. To me it’s a slap in the face to early supporters.

  • Nads

    I Hope these are new sales, and not silly people purchasing the game again! This company and Beat Saber have proved to be greedy and a huge letdown for there fans that supported them by charging everyone twice. Huge dissapointment!

    • Why would they be silly to purchase a game they love a second time?.. They get to play it on a new platform and help support the developers further?..

      Surely the developers have put in an awful lot of hours to ensure it runs seamlessly on lower end software? … plus in my opinion, the amount of hours a great game like this can deliver (with no cables) more than justifies the cost.

      I know there’s been lots of chat about this on Reddit. I just don’t really get it. It’s a developers job to make a great game and if possible make a profit. I want developers to be incentivised to bring old and new titles to the Quest.

      I’d like this developer to make a heap load of cash, have a great holiday, get a new car, pay off their families mortgages, get fancy new offices and after one, hell, maybe two days rest get back to making some amazing new VR titles.

      • Nads

        Your post comes across as self promotion and what you think should happen to you :D unfortunately, in reality this is not how it is. Customers pay once on a platform and expect to receive the game they paid for! What you are saying is for people to pay once for a game on iPhone and then pay a second time of the game on an iPad, just cause it took a little more time to port the game across. Its absurd! But i understand that it did happen in the first few months on the apple platform aswell, until devs realised how much of a stupid idea it was. Thats when we started to get Universal apps that you only had to pay once for. Same thing will happen here i guess, where all the greedy devs will realise that they were wrong, and come back to reality!

        • Jorge Gustavo

          I am not a developer but I think you are wrong. Gamers paid for superhot on Oculus Rift. Quest is a new platform. The game needs to be ported and there is a lot of work in porting a game. They should charge for that.

          • Nadim Alam

            No you are wrong, porting the game is not alot of extra work. Its a very simple process, especially for an engine like unreal or unity. Plus there is a lot of Oculus tools to help with the process for performance. Quest is a new device (using android) but its the same platform and created and uses the Oculus store, its not a separate platform like Steam and Oculus. Hope that makes sense :D

  • This means that the Quest had a great launch! Good news

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