‘Synapse’ is a Telekinetic Shooter Using PSVR 2 Eye-tracking, Coming in 2023


nDreams, the studio behind Fracked (2021) and Phantom: Covert Ops (2020), announced Synapse, an upcoming action shooter exclusive to PSVR 2 that looks to evolve Fracked’s run-and-cover gameplay whilst making good use of the headset’s eye-tracking capabilities.

There’s still a lot to learn about Synapse, although nDreams says in its PS blogpost announcement that Fracked made a “perfect foundation to build upon with Synapse,” as the upcoming shooter looks to evolves the former’s core gameplay.

As a PSVR 2 exclusive, Synapse however is also slated to use Sense controllers in concert with the headset’s eye-tracking capabilities, something the studio head James Shepard says provides “enhanced aiming which equips players with pinpoint precision when targeting their telekinesis and combines with motion controls to make wielding telekinetic powers a full-body experience.”

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In the teaser trailer we get a good look at a few mechanics too; you’ll be able to launch, levitate, and smash enemies through destructible environments.

The fast-paced run and gun style gameplay along with telekinetically moveable cover also shows just how related nDream’s upcoming shooter is to Fracked.

There’s no launch date yet, however nDreams says it’s coming exclusively to PSVR 2 later this year. In the meantime, you can wishlist the game here.

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  • Sean Lumly

    I wish they showed different enemy types/biomes in the trailer. The game looks beautiful, and the gameplay mechanics interesting. But it may become very repetitive if the trailer is the majority of what’s on offer.

  • Darshan

    Innovative use of eye tracking…However just lifting isn’t enough there got to be more interactions like throwing, pushing, chocking, converting to bomb then throwing among enemies to blast them all last but not least also electrocuting ( Disclaimer: StarWars fan here).

  • Tommy

    Looks interesting. I would like to see more though.

  • 3872Orcs

    Looks good! Hopefully we get a demo.

  • Octogod

    Great trailer.

  • *Sorta* looks like the telekinetic grab is just done with the motion controls. I’m not “seeing” the eye tracking.