Black Friday is nearly upon us, and now that consumer VR headsets have had a little over a year to mature, the deals are ripe for the picking. The first big verified Black Friday deal comes to Target in the US, which is advertising $100 off all PSVR headsets and $100 off the 1TB PS4, bringing the console to only $200.

At the lowest price ever advertised, the ‘bare bones’ PSVR comes in at only $200 for the sale. That’s of course without the necessary PS Camera and PS Move, but thankfully the fine print on the offer specifies “$100 off all other PlayStation VR headsets,” meaning you’ll probably be able to pick up the ‘all-in’ bundle at $100 off too. It’s uncertain if this means game bundles as well, as the recently announced Skyrim VR + PSVR bundle would be an absolute steal at $350.

image courtesy Target

If you’re also considering jumping at the deal but don’t already own the necessary PS4, you’ll also find the Sony PlayStation 4 1TB console at the lowest-ever price of $200.

image courtesy Target

The sale takes place in stores Nov 23 – Nov 25 with doors opening 6PM Thursday and closing at midnight. Doors reopen 6AM Friday. Check out the full catalog here.

Purchases can also be made on on November 22 beginning at approximately midnight PT (your time here). It’s uncertain how much overlap there’s going to be with online deals versus in-store deals, so keep your eyes peeled on the website before making the mad dash to the store with the rest of humanity.

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  • chicanoterp06

    has there been any news with regard to the length that skyrim vr will be exclusive to the ps4? I really hope its not a year…I already have a vive and rift, but playstation does have a few exclusives…hmmm… I think I will end up regretting getting the whole vr bundle+ ps4 just for skyrim, farpoint…not sure what other hits they have that are exclusive

    • spookyMcSpooks

      its a safe purchase, playstation was the place to be when their psvr launched last october because of their exclusives and theyve got plenty rn and even more on the way. You can lose yourself in skyrim and farpoint is a great entry for the aim controller, but theres much more to be excited about. Be sure to check out the launch titles like PSVR World, Rush of Blood, Here They Lie

    • Captain Killjoy McGiggles Von

      I have a PC and PS4. It baffles me people won’t put down $200 to play amazing exclusives like Bloodborne, Infamous, Uncharted, etc but will splurge on a minor PC update to marginally improve graphics just to play MMOs.

      • chicanoterp06

        Yeah, if I was interested in playing the games you mentioned $200 isn’t that much, but I am solely looking at the VR side of things. I did end up buying the whole ps4 sytem which ends up at $550+ (depending on which console I keep) but the tracking and move controls have infuriated me at times. I may decide to return it if I cant get over these horrible controls.

    • Captain Killjoy McGiggles Von

      Just get a PS4. You won’t regret it. Free Online multiplayer on PC and awesome single player exclusives on PS4. It’s a winning combo (waiting for MS to give me a reason to pick up my Xbone controller).

  • flamaest

    Is this the second gen of the PS VR that’s going on sale?

    • kool

      The gt bundle has the og headset. The rest are the newer headset double check the base $200 model tho.