Arena Shooter ‘Telefrag’ to Launch on PC VR & PSVR Next Week, Trailer Here


Anshar Studios, the team behind VR game Detached (2017), today announced that their latest project, Telefrag VR, is headed to PSVR and SteamVR-compatible VR headsets next week.

The 1v1 arena shooter is slated to arrive—including cross-platform support—on July 19th. The game currently has a Steam page (Rift, Vive, Index, Windows VR), however it will also be coming to the Oculus Store for Rift, and the PlayStation Store for PSVR. Telefrag VR will be priced at $25/€25.

We first got our hands on Telefrag VR at last year’s Gamescom, where we got to experience the topsy-turvy arenas and run around the game’s impossible geometry. Arenas are typically dotted with portals in addition to mind-bending ramps that show there is truly no right-side up to the world.

Besides your arsenal of weapons, one of Telefrag’s claim to fame is the player’s ability to teleport inside the other player, effectively killing them instantly (hence ‘telefrag’). Every weapon is also said to feature two firing modes and a unique teleportation attack too.

Guns are grouped by the player into three selected loadouts. Like an intergalactic game of winner-takes-all, players wager their loadouts, and take the other player’s stuff when victorious. Both players also receive currency at the end of the match based on their score, and there’s also the option for the loser to buy back their lost loadout. A currency multiplier is applied for each match won, effectively introducing a sort of ‘win streak’ mechanic.

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As for locomotion, you might have also noticed players dashing around in the trailer; the dash mechanic comes alongside free locomotion. Your dash-teleport movements make both noise and leave a whispy trail behind you, so sneaking up on your opponent is much easier said than done. In my Gamescom hands-on, I felt the studio has pushed the envelope on what’s comfortable, although I admittedly had no issues thanks to a few clever mechanics to keep my lunch in my stomach where it belonged.

Check out our hands-on to learn more about Telefrag VR.

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  • Pablo C

    All VR games from 2018 that relied solely on multiplayer and did not contain a single player campaign are already dead. Are VR developers even listening?

    • asshat

      pavlov and onward aren’t dead. if done right and released well they have a chance and that chance is increasing everytime a new headset is sold. so basically this will only be an issue for a short amount of time. but yes it is an issue right now

      • Pablo C

        Right, however, those are the exception rather than the norm. It’s full of VR multiplayer-only games out there, and very few keep a minimum player base. I´d say less than 10% are still alive. And a multiplayer unplayed game is effectively dead. A single player game holds value. There shouldn’t be multiplayer-only games with such a small player base as VR is. Developers don’t include a SP campaign out of laziness, and then sell a product that expire within months.

        • antonio mora

          Add Contractors to the list of exceptions.

        • kool

          I’d like more Co op games that way you don’t have to fill up a lobby.

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