VR Bangers, an adult virtual reality content studio, has announced a new gadget they say will help fans “finally feel like they are getting kissed and caressed, while their favorite girls whisper right into their ears.” While it’s undoubtedly bizarre looking, the camera/microphone mannequin head aims to take the place of a traditional camera or a microphone so that the studio’s actors can act more naturally and therefore give the end user a more immersive experience. If only it didn’t have such lifeless eyes (black eyes, like a doll’s eyes).

VR Bangers CTO Boris Smirnoff says that the rig was especially made for adult VR scenes because they noticed there was “a much warmer and more intimate emotional attachment between the performer and the recording device if the device itself is able to be kissed, caressed and whispered to in the same sort of ways that a real person would sense those subtle communications.”

The rig, reportedly the first of its kind, was custom-built by the studio’s R&D team. It contains binaural sound microphones in each ear and two forward-facing cameras where the user’s eyes would be, delivering “true 4K resolution” at 60fps. The head also includes multiple cameras on the front, back and top to capture a full 360 degree area.

“[T]he more we can help our models get the most out of their play space, the better our content will continue to be and the real winner in this line of advancements is always our fans,” says Smirnoff.

So somehow this bizarre mannequin rig is supposed to get the studio’s actors more into their roles, but what about all this ‘kissing, caressing, and whispering’ business we were told about? While spatial (3D) audio is an essential component of any VR experience, and giving someone a realistic audio experience is fundamental to anchoring their consciousness in another world, this may have more to do with triggering a certain response in users than just giving the actors a prop to smooch on.

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Is Sound Sexy?

Some people—ok, a surprisingly large number of people—clearly find certain sounds gratifying, and a fairly recent phenomenon called autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) has made a splash on YouTube to scratch that particular psychological itch with a binaural flair. Triggering the response supposedly gives certain people a low-grade euphoria that so called ‘YouTube ASMRtists’ try to create by using a number perfectly innocent methods; like rustling paper or whispering softly about painting ‘happy trees’ like Bob Ross. It’s mostly about relaxation and generally feeling fuzzy inside.

While it’s uncertain how many people associate ASMR with sexuality, and ASMRtists can of course come in any shape or gender, there’s certainly a grey area here, evidenced by the fact that the highest number of ASMR clicks are going to angelic, soft-speaking girls in their 20s combing puppies, tapping their fingernails on glass, sometimes roleplaying as store clerks, dentists, or sci-fi maidens.

And ASMR’s chief proponent and gold standard on YouTube is unequivocally Ally Maque, otherwise known as the host of ASMRrequests and the VR-centric vlog PixelWhipt (all of the above examples are from her work). Amassing over 90 million views across her ASMR videos, Maque is far and way the most technologically adept, capturing audio using a number of binaural microphones, at some points even using one of those equally weird-looking 360 microphone rigs.

Omni 2 360 microphone
Omni 2 360 microphone

Check out one of Ally’s more sensual 360 videos to get a better idea of what she’s tapping into. Don’t worry, it’s all wholesome PG fun.

Lastly, there is an entire sub-genre of adult ASMR videos (2D) that can be found on major adult sites, the most popular of which has topped over a million views (we do the research so you don’t have to). So maybe VR Bangers isn’t really so far out with their rubber mannequin-camera-rig-head-thing as we initially thought, because there’s obviously a prospective market in all of this.

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We can only hope the studio doesn’t film near mirrors.

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  • VR Geek

    Our VR Camera has been shooting from the models eyes for the past 3 years and mid last year we started shooting kissing and more intimate material after many requests on Reddit. Never thought to do a press release :-( Here are our intimate clips for those looking for a different type of VR Porn experience. https://metaversexxx.com/product-category/intimate/

  • Can you say “uncanny valley”? I appreciate the quest for immersion, but if I was the model that had to interact with that, it would take all the acting abilities I could muster to pull off a natural performance of intimacy!

    • DaKangaroo

      And people think porn stars aren’t real actors. When they have to do this kinda stuff and make it look natural, that’s when they’re earning their pay! :D

  • Get Schwifty!

    Jeeze that’s creepy looking….

    • Muddy

      Reminds me of that creep doll head on spidery legs from Toy Story.

      • Get Schwifty!

        Yeah thats exactly it, I kept thinking it reminded me of something and that was it!

  • Anders Öhlund

    The head will also help with the binaural audio being more correct. And it will make sure the models don’t kiss the viewer in the eyes as sometimes happens… or so I’ve heard.

  • Anders Öhlund

    Someone should bring something like this to market btw. Not just for adult stuff but since it is perfect for VR recordings with both the eye separation being perfect and the mics and head giving optimal binaural recordings it would be good for capturing anything from nature scenes to concerts and other things you’d might want to experience in VR. Riding along in a rally car.

    • Duane Locsin

      I always imagine there will be a market for virtual tourism.

      Like you can get the sights and sounds of being at a sports stadium watching a game with a 360 camera, so can you with a person tasked walking through the streets of Venice, traveling through the Amazon rainforest, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef or just a nice sunset stroll on the beaches of Hawaii.

      If they would also allow stationary 360 cameras in approved designated spots so people can travel across cameras for virtual tourism it would also be a source of income for small towns.

      not as good as actually being there, but it would be the next best cheaper, instant thing.

      • Anders Öhlund

        I agree. Except for the 360 part. I really don’t think 360 video is the best choice as it has too many issues. 3D is not great due to stitching and you waste most of the bitrate on stuff you don’t see. I much prefer stereoscopic 180 degree video. It still fills your vision and has perfect 3D for normal head movement (as long as you only turn your head and not your body) and you don’t waste bits on stuff that is behind you.

      • submandave

        Did you see the Hyundai spot during the Super Bowl, where they built 360 video chambers for deployed service members that allowed them to “go to the game” with their family? Something like this on a commercial scale would be a godsend to disabled or shut-ins.

  • It’s creepy but I really liked your article because of the point about ASMR: it’s really interesting and I think that their mount is especially good to enhance spatial audio presence. In adult VR videos they try to make always moments when the performers talk you in the ears and I thing that a mount like this one can really enhance this stuff

  • Ian Shook

    So if the end user can move their head, doesn’t that make the eye-specific cameras sort of useless? You’d really need 8+ cameras all around the head. And why ear-specific microphones? If the user is moving their head around to see the space, you’ll need 3D audio anyway.

    • VR Geek

      The eyes capture 180 degrees each in which you can look around in. Just about all VR Porn is captured this way. 8 cameras around the head would be more for 360 video, which is not the best format for porn for a whole host of reasons. r/oculusnsfw on reddit is a great place to learn more.

  • Sponge Bob

    strictly speaking it’s not VR – just a primitive masturbation device

    VR is something you can move inside freely to see the scene from any point

    i’m thinking real VR porn studio with huge bed and 100 cameras all around it viewing from all angles – that would be VR so you can walk around and see actors from all angles (but can’t participate yourself)

    Any investors ?:)

    • VR Geek

      Totally disagree. With VR Video that is to scale, there are many subconscious processes that kick in. For instance when a model that you find attractive gives you eye contact and a smile, many experience the same dopamine release that they would get if they saw that same person in real life. Being able to move around the room would break this as the model(s) are recorded looking where they looked and there is no tech for a recorded session to track you around the room and adjust eye contact. We see room scale VR Porn as an entirely different experience and not necessarily better than fixed point. Both have their pros and cons. VR Video Porn is here to stay. Our VR Porn is best on ViVe and Rift presently as only they accurately reproduce our to scale clips. Cum check them out at metaversexxx.com.

      • Sponge Bob

        yeah, dude, I’ll cum when you have at least 4K per eye

        • VR Geek

          We are getting there. Next step is 2.5k/eye. 4k/eye likely in 1-2 years.

  • neoconned

    Red pill or blue pill…

  • submandave

    Businessman sees a charity kissing booth with a sign, “Kisses, $1 – $50.”

    “I wonder,” he asked, “is the difference in price based upon the duration, or intensity, or sincerity of the kiss?”

    “No,” the girl replied, “just upon the placement.”

  • Carey J

    Donna Summers understood how sexy sound could be back in the 70’s

  • Ashwini

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    enterprise related needs.

    • Sponge Bob

      single user license $ 5,650 ???

      Dude, download it yourself

  • martynW

    Neil Gaiman taught me that having black buttons for eyes is never a good thing.

  • Strelnikov
    • Sponge Bob


  • SlowBro

    If porn stars are required to use that thing they should sue for a hostile working environment

  • CaptainAwesomer

    Lol it’s some kind of weird gimp borg creature… I like it!

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    Its a Cenobite! Quick solve the puzzle!

  • Tim Suetens

    You should do your research. Ally’s channel PixelWhipt has been collecting dust for over two years. Yup, no new content in two years. Not exactly *the* spokesperson for VR and ASMR, is she?

  • MainFragger

    the first VR Porn video I saw was with Iris Rose, and she did this thing where she kind of slinked in and started whispering in one ear, and then slinked around and whispered in the other..I was done! I think I just watched that one clip every day straight for like 3 months..