Tetris Effect (2018) first released on PlayStation 4 and PSVR in late 2018, later coming to PC via the Epic Store, which included support for SteamVR headsets. Now the award-winning stacker puzzle game is available on Oculus Quest starting today.

Created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and the team behind Rez Infinite and Lumines, Tetris Effect delivers some pretty familiar gameplay while at the same time surrounding the player with fully three-dimensional, reactive worlds.

Tetris Effect boasts 30+ stages and 10+ modes, where the so-called ‘Tetriminos’ pulse and dance to the beat, backgrounds change as you play, and a bevy of dynamic music molds around the player as you slip into a flow state.

With today’s release on Quest, a new feature is coming to the game as well, namely the all-new ‘Zone’ mechanic which lets players ​stop time (and Tetriminos) when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Tetris Effect launches today on the Oculus Store for Quest, priced at $30.

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  • Yusep

    Well. I am really interested about performance. It is not a demanding game but I has a lot of particles and effects. I own it for PC VR ( htc vive ) but I might buy it again for quest. Although I think 30 is a little bit too much..19.90 would be a fair price imo ( I paid more than 30 for the PC VR )

  • mellott124

    I’ll have to try it on Quest. I was very surprised by this game on Vive. Environments are just plain beautiful.

    • Theresa J. Lampert

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  • Till Eulenspiegel

    So they decided to release this on Quest but not Rez Infinite? Why?

  • EliteForceCinema


    This game deserves to flop miserably to less than two stars after they sold themselves out to Epic and Tencent!

    • Yusep

      Meanwhile you are in rage I have already bought it and played it on PC and I will most likely buy it for quest.
      Enjoy life, it is too short.

    • gothicvillas

      Unity vr games look like unity games :)

  • Natiahs

    I own this on PSVR, but may have to buy it again on Quest. It is a deeply beautiful game. No spoilers for what happens after you reach exp. level 50!

  • It’s an audio visualizer with Tetris sitting in the middle of it, for some reason.

    If it was $10, it would seem justifiable. If you could add your own music and just ditch the Tetris to enjoy the music and views, it would seem more justifiable. At $30 just to play Tetris to a locked down playlist? Seems completely unjustifiable.

    Btw, I got an audio visualizer on SideQuest called Audio Warp you can download for free, right now. It doesn’t have a AAA studio behind it, but at least you can load your own music…. :p https://sidequestvr.com/app/954

  • Finally!

    • EliteForceCinema