Tetris Effect (2018), the latest entry in the iconic tile-stacker series, is officially available starting today on PC, which also includes support for VR headsets.

Update (July 23rd, 2019): The PC version is finally here, letting Oculus Rift & HTC Vive users play with their accompanying controllers (standard gamepads, Vive Controllers, and Oculus Remote and Touch controllers). The original article announcing availability on PC follows below.

Original Article (July 16th, 2019): Tetris Effect for PC is coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store, and is said to support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift—including gamepads & their respective motion controllers.

Originally released on PlayStation 4 late last year, Tetris Effect for PC is said to run on traditional monitors at resolutions of 4K or more with an uncapped framerate (with Vsync disabled), and includes ultra-wide monitor support.

Both 2D and the VR mode are said to feature a few more settings than the PS4 version, including adjustable particle volume and size, texture filtering, and more.

Starting today and ending in two weeks, Tetris Effect for PC will be 20% off as part of a special launch promotion (MSRP $40), and include a DLC pack with a seven-track sampler of the game’s soundtrack by Hydelic, and also 10 Tetris Effect-themed 4K desktop wallpapers.

Although Tetris Effect fundamentally offers the same gameplay as the 1984 original, the latest of the franchise boasts a number of added effects such as dynamic music, a constantly changing environment, and a bevy of alternative modes to keep your butt in the chair. Check out some of the gameplay in the video below to get a sense of what Tetris Effect has to offer.

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  • Justos

    quest port plz :3

    • Jistuce

      Cosmos port when?!?!?!

      I might be putting the cart before the horse here. Cosmos when?!?!

    • gruguir

      It would be great, but it’s all about particles and fancy, ressource ‘heavy’ effects, Despite the simple tetris game itself. Not really a quest-friendly game :(

  • Oneben

    And if it weren’t exclusive to the EGS I’d want to buy it.

    • guest

      Yeah. I’ll wait for a steam release or pass altogether.

    • y_m_o

      Extortionate price for Tetris with VR support.

      • Raphael

        When a publisher deliberately kills their own game.

        This gross overpricing is something we see frequently with the big corporations out of touch with the real world.

        Examples are Eve Valkyrie and more recently Space Junkies (although Ubisoft listened to complaints and has now set a more reasonable price).

        Based on that 32 price I hope this tetris fails.

    • Rene Buchholz

      I second that. If it would get released on steam, I’d buy it but if not I couldn’t care less. There are other games that needs to be played.

  • Jarilo

    The what store? never heard of it.

  • Bartholomew

    Let me thank you again Epic and Oculus for making Gaben fangirls cry every day.

    • dextrovix

      I want all my games in one walled garden, Steam was first and hence that’s where I have and want all my digital purchases to be. Adding another storefront is irritating, and exclusivity especially so. I’m sure we could count the number of happy uPlay users with one hand. It has nothing to do with fandom…

      • dogtato

        Steam isn’t particularly walled. They don’t seem to keep much out, and there are drm-free games on steam that you can buy and download and then you don’t need steam to run them. It’s more like a steel-slatted garden with big gaps between the slats.

        • Jarilo

          That’s because they’re not jealous assholes.

      • Jarilo

        Why are you trying to debate this troll? His mom refused to buy him an Index and he’s taking his angst out in the comments sections.

        • dextrovix

          Ah, I didn’t realise he was a minor, although his ‘fangirls’ wording certainly implied immaturity. I shall not engage him directly.

      • Nathan Benkhe

        dextrovix, have you heard of COG Galaxy 2.0? Multiple storefronts sucks but its definitely not going away but COG Galaxy is working to make sure even all your games from multiple store fronts can all be accessed and played from one app.

        • dextrovix

          I agree, multiple stores will continue to co-exist, and no I hadn’t heard of COG Galaxy, but will check that out- thanks!

          • Orogogus

            He’s talking about GOG Galaxy, by the way. As in “Good Old Games.”

        • Sven Viking

          It’s also possible to add Epic Store games to your Steam library via the “Add a Non-Steam Game” feature and launch them from Steam, if that helps anyone.

      • Michael Slesinski

        it sure SOUNDS like rabid fanboyism.. it didnt even come first. everquest existed before steam, so SOE should be the only garden? steam is a pile of shit with its crappy drm (the most hacked on earth), asinine protocols (gotta install multiple redistributables every time you install a game), awful forums, and that 30% cut they take for doing about fuck all (if it was only 10 or something that would be different, but around 1/3 the price of a game that has to be developed over the course of years.. thats just scummy). fuck steam. over 2000 games on it and i would smile if it disappeared tomorrow.

        • dextrovix

          What, I sounded like a rabid fanboy, huh?? It was an opinion, as is yours. But as I’m specifically aiming this at you, you can quite genuinely get to fuck, you enormous tosspiece. I’ve decided to buy this on Epic Store anyway because I really like Teris, which should make you happy. Oh hang on, no it won’t. Because this is the internet, everybody has a voice, and you’re a cunt.

          • Michael Slesinski

            rabid fanfag bitch confirmed. i eviscerated STEAM, and you attacked ME.

            i presented facts, you cast rampant speculation because i dared to shit all over your precious “walled garden”.

            i dont give a fuck what you do with your money (though anyone that pays for tetris at this point is an inexcusable retard), im just not going to let spastic idiots like you pretend steam is anything but the giant turd floating in the cesspool that the videogame industry has become. much like the early days of the playstation they will literally publish any burning bag of shit found on their steps JUST to say they have the most games on their platform.

            its deranged pansies like you that have destroyed what was once a great hobby.

        • Jarilo

          All of that and yet you bought 2000 games on there. Damn.

          • Michael Slesinski

            there was really no other alternative. the FIRST game i purchased there was civ 4 and it forced that bullshit on me (it didnt say anywhere that it would be a steam key) and from there on 99% of games were steam keys. they add up over the years.

      • NooYawker

        I would have continued to use Epic until they confessed they scanned my steam files. I don’t need malware on my system so fuck them.

    • Jarilo

      It’s worth living life just to see Bartholomew bitching & butt hurt on all VR articles.

  • ale bro

    £32 is very expensive for Tetris!!

  • Aeos

    Curious to see what the VR support would be like through the epic store.

    • Jistuce

      My free copy of Subnautica works just fine with my Rift.

      I dunno how it handles Vive, though according to some guy on Reddit, it starts SteamVR automatically and seamlessly(which is kinda funny, actually).

      So presumably the same story with Tetris Effect: VR “just works”, if you have the appropriate Oculus or SteamVR software installed.

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Bizarre – the Epic store? And how much support for VR would they offer compared to Steam? No go for me!

  • DaKangaroo

    EGS doesn’t even have cloud saves or a shopping cart, so I bet their VR support is basically non-existent, the only support you’d get is whatever games bring with them. No thanks.

    • Jistuce

      Launches SteamVR for games with SteamVR support, launches Oculus for games with native Rift support, both as smoothly as launching them from Steam.

      So you’re not wrong, but… it is also the exact same support that essentially every other VR title has.

      • Jarilo

        It’s a Steam and Oculus Store competitor that is sucking on their titties for functionality and support? That’s pretty funny. I mean, whatever floats Epic’s boat I guess.

        • Jistuce

          All of what follows isn’t to say that it isn’t funny(I actually laughed when Epic Subnautica invoked SteamVR), but…

          I don’t think Epic views themselves as a competitor to the Oculus
          Store, since Facebook ONLY sells VR titles and Epic only sells titles
          with flatscreen support(as far as I know). This viewpoint will probably
          hurt in a few years, but it makes sense for now.

          And honestly…
          I’d rather they eat humble pie and allow Epic Store apps to hook into
          SteamVR than add ANOTHER VR API to the collection… well, except for
          the part where SteamVR is actually kind of awful.

          SteamVR launches the Oculus store for Rift software. The entire design
          of the Rift software stack is such that any software accessing the
          headset launches the store app on the flatscreen even if it bypasses the
          home room in VR.

          • Jarilo

            When you say that SteamVR launches the Oculus store for Rift Software are you talking about Revive? I don’t think that counts as Steam doesn’t really acknowledge hacks that let you play exclusives.Revive is a community thing like 3rd party VR advanced settings. I over-all don’t have much issues with Steam VR and would never call it awful. Oculus run-time has been a bit more reliable with certain things for me on the Rift HMD but it’s also more closed off, less content for them to manage, and far less experimental than SteamVR.

          • Jistuce

            No, I mean a game bought on Steam that lacks native support for the Rift API and uses SteamVR for Rift support. The game will open SteamVR, and then SteamVR will open Oculus’s software, and Oculus will open on a page of software sales.

            I’ve had a worse experience with SteamVR than you. I will adit that individual experiences differ.

          • Jarilo

            Ah, my mistake. I should have assumed you were probably talking about the other way around where you use the Rift using SteamVR. Yes , the experience with SteamVR will vary by individual and in-fact matters based on time I witnessed too as they update and patch often changing the entire experience. I really don’t know what to think of the Epic store yet.

      • Kristopher Gates

        This is untrue, but it’s not Epic’s fault. Tetris Effect is misconfigured for SteamVR as a standing/roomscale experience, not a seated experience, which means SteamVR’s option to “Reset Seated Position” is disabled and it doesn’t disable the Chaperone if (like me) you happen to prefer to sit at a desk or somewhere that the Chaperone wall gets in the way of the game.

        That would be bad enough, but the game also doesn’t have a reset position option for its KB/M control scheme.

        It’s a double oversight by the developers that reflects a lack of testing.

        • Jistuce

          Oh geez…

          Pro job, Tetris Effect devs.

  • JesuSaveSouls


    • asf

      this guys sucks jesus’s dick

      • guest

        Jezus doesn’t have a dick.