A video has just been released demonstrating a new device offering gaming locomotion, i.e. translating the actions of walking into in-game actions. It’s called the Cyberith Virtualiser.

Unique Approaches

Not much is known about the device currently, but from the video demonstration it offers a unique approach to the problems of gaming treadmills. For one, unlike the recently Kickstarted Virtuix Omni, the waist support is articulated in the vertical axis, meaning actions like ducking and jumping are measured physically (as opposed to the Omni’s motion tracked approach).

The uploader of the video and engineer behind the project is cleearly aiming for a mass market device, to compete directly with the Virtuix Omni. The the comments section ‘Cyberith’ states:

Its still in the developing process, i cant tell you numbers now, but my goal is it to make it affordable for every gamer without losing quality

We’re trying to find more concrete details on the new device and will them once we have them.

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  • George

    This is what I was talking about that the Omni needed (the ability to move up and down) Though the platform on this one looks too small to forget that its there (you will probably often step off of it).

    • Paul James

      From the look of the YouTube comments, that base plate is temporary and they’re already experimenting with larger, circular plates.