The Stunning ‘Bound’ is Coming to PlayStation VR, New Trailer Here


Bound from developer Plastic is a beautiful 3D platformer with a unique visual style and it’s eye on highbrow, contemporary art direction not to mention dance. As if that weren’t enough, the title has now been confirmed to be heading to PlayStation VR.

Sony’s reputation for encouraging experimental games is well documented, and it seems that eye on the new is not restricted to standard 2D gaming. Bound is a new 3D platformer from the demo-scene developers that brought you Linger in the Shadows and Datura.

Bound is the team’s latest effort and it’s described by them as a ‘notgame’, a narrative focused 3D platformer that focuses on mature storytelling for an adult audience. Michal  Staniszewski from Plastic described the title when it was announced originally for PS3 in December, “Bound is a 3D platformer designed for people with the desire to concentrate on the narrative side of games and experience a mature story. On the other side of the spectrum, Bound is also being prepared for hardcore gamers looking for the challenge of one big puzzle that can be only solved by a community of players working together.”

Well now Bound has joined the ever growing list of titles touting support for Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation VR headset. Details on how the PSVR integration will work are a little thin right now, but you can get a good look at how the game looks and feels from the new trailer embedded at the top of this page.

Bound is headed for a PS4 released on the 16th of August, some months ahead of the PlayStation VR released, now confirmed to be October 13th this year. So we can only assume PSVR support will be patched in later or lie dormant until people get their hands on the title.

We’re looking forward to more esoteric games in VR, and Bound‘s visuals look to lend themselves to the medium. We’ll let you know when we learn more.

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  • Westbrock

    This looks Awesome. PSVR Launch Lineup is pretty impressive!

  • Ryans452

    Why do people have playstation vr to release on October 16th, I thought they said October 13th, I guess they are getting it mixed up with batman arkam, which is coming out octobeer 16th, all you have to do is go to playstations website and it has October 13 for psvr.