Staying inside your home right now is one of the best ways of slowing down the progression of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and keeping it from affecting our most vulnerable. But making sure you’re staying fit at home, and ready to fight any infection that may come, is about just as important as making sure you don’t go stir crazy right now.

So here’s our top five VR games to not only keep your heart rate up, but have a blast while doing it. Also: please clear your playing area!

5 – OhShape

Inspired by Japanese game show Nōkabe (aka ‘Hole in the Wall’), OhShape (2019) puts you through a series of increasingly complex and difficult human-sized shapes, and it does it at such a high speed that it actually becomes something of a dance/rhythm game. Whatever difficulty you choose, you’re sure to be up off your butt and grooving to the beat. Sorry PSVR-users. OhShape is still ‘coming soon’.



BOXVR (2018) is all about punching, ducking, and feeling the rhythm. The game includes several types of high intensity boxing sessions, including calorie-destroying workout program, training using your own music, and endless ‘Survival’ mode, and a six-person online multiplayer mode.


3 – CREED: Rise to Glory

CREED: Rise to Glory (2018), the VR boxing game from Survios, is has its own campaign that’s definitely worth a play-through, but its the AI boxing matches and online multiplayer that has us coming back for more, and moping the sweat from our brows. Where else can you train with Rocky Balboa?


2 – Pistol Whip

Shoot, dodge, and bash a guy in the face: that’s all there is to it in Pistol Whip (2019). But when more baddies come and you have to start dodging bullets like Neo from The Matrix, you’ll almost forget you’re basically doing a pretty comprehensive cardio routine. Sorry PSVR-users, Pistol Whip is still ‘coming soon’!


1 – Beat Saber

For the sheer density of levels, difficulties, and production value, Beat Saber (2018) invariably comes out on top. Time and time again, this block-slashing rhythm game manages to get you moving, dancing, and going back for more to get that perfect ‘S’ class result on your favorite Expert+ song, all the while tricking you into working out.

SteamQuestRift – PSVR

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Honorable Mentions

What’s your favorite VR game that gets you sweating? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • aasdfa

    Man i totally though to make Oshape a while ago :/ i should have

  • RationalThought

    Thrill of the fight hands down is the best workout I have experienced in VR. Most people I have put in it have to stop in within a few rounds. has it ranked as the highest calorie burning VR game so far.

    • Raphael

      Yes, thrill of the fight is much better than creed.

    • Seanm57

      This! Why is TOTF not #1 on this list. Creed? Please. I can do Beat Saver going as hard as possible and barely hit 120bpm. One match in TOTF and I’m at 150 bpm and covered in sweat.

      Pistol whip? I get more cardio doing yoga. I enjoy Pistol Whip, but it isn’t not a workout.

    • Pablo C

      Agreed, TOTF is the only VR game that is as hard as regular exercise, like running. I´d put Box VR second, but it can certainly be cheated for less effort.

  • NooYawker

    I still jump in Knockout League once in a while and one fight and I’m spent.

  • And then there is our fitness game HitMotion: Reloaded! But only if you have a Vive Focus Plus…

  • First try VR

    I recommend Dance Collider for the #1 spot. The recent Hardcore update is ridiculous;

  • david vincent

    Well, 2 weeks of containment here, really glad to have a VR headset to get some exercice at home. Thanks VR !
    (And Half Life : Alix can’t come soon enough !)

    • Jeffrox


  • david vincent

    OhShape is a fun concept (actually a rip-off of – another wacky – japanese show : but it really needs full body tracking…

  • Dave

    Box VR sucks for working out, Thrill of the Fight is a much better boxing game for working out.