Last week we met with Vrvana, formerly ‘True Player Gear’, for our first hands-on with the Totem VR headset. We’ve got a juicy interview on the way with Vrvana CEO, Bert Nepveu. The company launches a Kickstarter campaign for their headset starting on Tuesday, September 16th.

We first covered the Totem headset back in March when the company was still called True Player Gear. At the time, the only thing we saw of the headset were computer renders. Now renamed Vrvana, the company gave us some hands-on time with its first public prototype which has a design that’s true to the renders we saw initially.

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vrvana-ceo-bert-nepveuAs revealed previously, Vrvana is still aiming to ship a headset with a 1080p low-persistence display, a stereo camera pair on the front of the headset (for pass-through 3D video and positional tracking), along with a 90 degree field of view, hardware acceleration, and binaural audio.

The goal-specs for the Totem headset are listed on Vrvana’s website.

Totem VR Headset Specifications:


  • 1080p low persistence RGB stripe OLED

Field of view:

  • 90 degrees


  • HDMI input
  • USB output (tracker)


  • 2x cameras 1080p
  • 3 axis 1kHz gyrometer
  • 3 axis 4kHz accelerometer
  • 3 axis magnetometer


  • 2x 3.5 mm jacks
  • Surround sound over stereo

[/one-half-first][one-half]Emulated controls:

  • USB mouse
  • Playstation controller
  • Xbox controller

Non-game controls:

  • Up, Down, Select/Real World View

Supported engines:

  • Unreal
  • Unity
  • Havok Vision
  • CryEngine


  • PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Playstation 3 & 4
  • Xbox One & 360

Supported media:

  • All 3D formats, SBS preferred


  • 6.6″ x 4.4″ x 5.4″[/one-half][clear-line]

We’ve got lots of info about our time with the Totem headset along with a detail-laden interview with CEO Bert Nepveu that will be coming soon.

Vrvana tells us that their campaign has been approved by Kickstarter and will launch on Tuesday the 16th at 12pm EST.

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