Trombone Champ is a new PC rhythm game from indie studio Holy Wow that’s charming, silly, but also painfully stuck in the flatscreen land of mouse and keyboard. Less than two weeks since its 1.0 release on PC, the game already has already garnered its first VR mod.

The mod, called BaboonVR, is brought to you by itinerant modder ‘Raicuparta’, who’s also known for having brought retroactive VR support to FirewatchThe Stanley Parable, and Outer Wilds to name a few.

In BaboonVR, the game screen is shown as a projection while you use hand controls to play the virtual trombone, sliding action and all. That’s it for now, however Raicuparta says the mod is still in early access, available as a one-time purchase on, or by being a subscriber to his Patreon.

Raicuparta says that the current version is “still quite simple,” as it calculates pitch based on the relative distance from one controller to the other.

“So you don’t actually need to put the mouthpiece in your mouth yet, but it definitely feels cooler if you do,” Raicuparta says.

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Of course, you’ll need a few things to start “boning”, or “troming down to bone-town” as is often said in the trombone community, depending upon the level of formality required:

  • Trombone Champ on PC (Steam).
  • VR-ready PC (see if yours is ready here)
  • SteamVR headset or Quest 1/2 via Link or Air Link
  • VR controllers — no mouse/keyboard required

The mod by itself is priced at $2, which is about right for an experience that doesn’t include force feedback breathing controls, optically-tracked trombone slide, realistic haptics replicating bell vibration, or a spit valve. Still, it’s not a bad deal.

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  • MosBen

    I just want an official peripheral or, even better, the ability to use a real trombone.

    • Mr.Philgood

      attach the controllers to a real trombone, done!

      • MosBen

        That is a real clever idea, though I feel like it would mess up the ergonomics of the ‘bone. Maybe those Vive tracking pucks would work and be lighter?

        • Mr.Philgood

          Agreed. This is even better!

  • Tommy

    I wonder if they let you play a rusty trombone?

  • Till Eulenspiegel

    It sounds like someone is farting Beethoven’s 5th in that video.

  • LOL

  • Ad

    They need to make a full port, both as a mod and a mode for the real game

  • david vincent

    If Raicuparta or another modder made a VR mod for my game, I would pay him so he could share it for free.