freeman-masonUploadVR opened up their new 20,000 square foot Upload LA co-working space in April. I had a chance to catch up with co-founders Taylor Freeman and Will Mason as VRLA to get the inside scoop. Mason told me that opening up this huge co-working space in Los Angeles represents an energetic shift from the VR technology born out of Silicon Valley to focusing on content & storytelling in VR.


UploadVR’s first co-working space, The Upload Collective, was opened in San Francisco during GDC in 2016, and Mason said that they quickly outgrew the space. The Upload LA space will allow them to have a lot bigger educational and training initiatives without having to completely rearrange their space for every event. Upload LA is a vertically-integrated co-working space that has access to hardware, mixed reality studio, audio mixing studio, and immersive entrepreneurs that hopes to incubate many smaller startups and content studios. It’s proven to be a winning combination for UploadVR considering that all of their dedicated office space was accounted for just a couple days after launching, and they’ll have floating desk space available until it runs out.

UploadVR plans on continuing to grow and expand their physical spaces to new markets, but the space in Los Angeles will be sure to hold many events, talks, and parties for the years to come. You can get a sense of the space from this launch video as well as some photos of their space after their grand opening.

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  • James Friedman

    Pretty cool to see you all giving love to UploadVR. I have been reading both blogs for the past year

  • James Friedman

    Pretty cool to see you all giving love to UploadVR. I have been reading both blogs for the past year

  • Get Schwifty!

    I have perused both for the past year, undoubtedly in my opinion RoadToVR is the more objective of the two in terms of actual presentation and not posting articles as pure click-bait on a slow news day. That being said, I’m glad we have both as so much is going on now that neither source could keep up with everything.

    • Lucidfeuer

      Road2VR clearly is the most objective, you can’t expect anything Scoble to be objective, but still interesting.

    • I’m so annoyed when a popular oculus game comes out and RoadToVR rehash their same old revive article

  • What’s the 360 camera company which has the same black white green logo as Upload VR?