Vacation Simulator (2019), Owlchemy Labs‘ recently released sequel to their smash hit VR parody game Job Simulator (2016), seems to be garnering its fair share of kudos; Valve today announced that Vacation Simulator was one of the top 20 earners for all games released on Steam in April.

In a Steam blog post, Valve says that only games released between April 1st – 30th were taken into consideration. The company counted each game’s revenue for the first two weeks following their respective releases.

Valve hasn’t numbered the top 20 sequentially in order of revenue generated; it’s in order of release date. Here’s the full list of top games released this month:

Considering there’s been over 50 paid VR released in the month of April, and literal hundreds of paid games for traditional monitors releasing that month too, it seems that not only was Vacation Simulator the most successful VR game monetarily to be released in April, but a head-and-shoulders above many non-VR games as well. You’ll notice Vacation Simulator is the only VR game on the list.

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How the game stacks up moving forward is another issue. Supposing Valve continues the new list style in the coming months, we’ll only really gain insight into any given game’s initial success relative to others released in that time frame.

Vacation Simulator is however set to release on PSVR on June 18th, so we should have at least one reliable benchmark as to how the sequel is doing in comparison to the ever-successful Job Simulator moving forward.

If you haven’t had a chance, check out why we gave Vacation Simulator a solid [8.8/10] in our review and to learn why we dubbed it a “relaxing change of pace full of familiar whimsy.”

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  • Jarilo

    It out sold Mortal Kombat 11? which has over 6k reviews on Steam? Vacation sim has 129, is there even enough headsets out there to out-sell a flat screen AAA title?

    • Jarom Madsen

      By “sequential” they mean in the order that they were released, not in the order of which made the most. Still, even that seems rather fishy considering the amount of reviews Vacation Sim has. Not that it’s a bad game but I wonder if Steam decided to throw in a top grossing VR game to help promote SteamVR.

      • Immersive_Computing

        VR users are too busy in VR to write reviews on Steam ;)

      • Jarilo

        I don’t think anything specifically fishy is going on, perhaps it’s the age I think and maybe the target audience that leaves less reviews but it does make you think and why I mentioned it it just like you.