Fast Travel Games announced its blood-sucking adventure Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice is finally set to arrive on SteamVR headsets next month.

The game, which launched on Quest 2/3/Pro and PSVR 2 late last year, takes you into the famed World of Darkness universe, this time bringing you to the streets of Venice as a bloodsucking ghoul in search of your master’s killer and a stolen relic.

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice is set to launch on Steam on February 6th, priced at $30. The studio is also throwing out a 20% discount at launch.

Notably, the game will support Valve Index, Meta Rift/Rift S, and Meta Quest 1/2/3/Pro Via Link. The studio notes it will not support HTC Vive and Windows MR controllers, meaning these headsets will not be supported.

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  • ViRGiN

    17 concurrent players on PCVR launch day, already predicting it.

    Funny how they do not even bother with HTC Vive/WMR controllers.

    • kakek

      How many concurent players was there on quest release ?

      • Stealth Ico

        obviously enough if devs target quest first because they know their efforts will be worth it and they will see a return on investment

  • Andrew Jakobs

    “meaning these headsets will not be supported”
    No, it doesn’t mean that, it means the controllers aren’t (natively) supported, the headsets themselves will just work without a problem. And Steam can emulate other controllers, so the vive controllers will work, after you set them up properly.

  • Interesting that now someone is starting dropping support for HTC Vive controllers… keeping compatibility with them is a pain in the *ss and now the Vive has a low-enough share that may have sense starting to do it

    • ViRGiN

      I thought for Valve it was one of these already long-solved issues, just like the wireless.
      SteamVR 1.26 added support for Automatic Controller Rebinding.

      > Now, when a game is missing a binding for your controller, SteamVR will automatically create a new binding, configure it based on a more common controller, and set it to simulate that controller type. Controller driver developers can specify a list of different controllers they want to be able to use bindings from, as well as directions on how to remap from one controller to another.
      For example, if a game has bindings for Oculus Touch controllers but you’re using Windows Mixed Reality controllers, SteamVR will remap actions using the trigger-style grip of the Oculus Touch to the button style grip of the WMR controller. If a developer does decide to create a native binding for your controller, SteamVR will switch to that as soon as its available.
      > This feature will work for all titles using OpenXR and SteamVR Input.

      Turns out it was yet another toxic Valve news. Everyone clapped when it came out.

    • Ricky

      As the new Vive series (Focus and XR Elite) have more “standard” controllers, aligned with those from Meta and Valve, is there any roadmap/rumor to know if Vive will stick to the new controller and will eventually dismiss the Vive Pro wands?

  • Stealth Ico

    good to see devs still dropping PCVR titles

  • Zack71

    I hope that working on PC version they will have more facilities to make an update for Quest 3…
    They didn’t make an update for Quest 3 and without Quest Optimizer res and textures are low; the ai of npcs is very basic and breaks the game; they should raise the face pols of main npcs, like Pietro: everyone seems Yoda…