Varjo, the Finland-based company making enterprise headsets with industry-leading specs, is getting ready to reveal something big on June 24th.

Urho Konttori, Varjo founder and Chief Product Officer, teased that the company’s next reveal will be “so epic that it’s probably the biggest announce ever by Varjo.”

In the 20-minute showcase, Varjo promises to show off its “next big thing,” something that the company says will demonstrate “how the physical and the digital merge into a single experience, changing human interaction and universal collaboration for good.”

Varjo is known for producing ultra high-end headsets which push the boundaries of display resolutions. With the addition of eye-tracking and mixed reality applications, Varjo headsets are built for enterprise appeal, and are priced in thousands as a result.

Image courtesy Varjo

The company’s latest headsets, VR-3 and XR-3, were revealed back in December 2020; considering the company’s promise to merge the physical and digital, it’s possible we may be getting a new variant that focuses more on the mixed reality side of things.

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Varjo sets itself apart from other headset makers by incorporating two displays for each eye: a small, high-density microdisplay at the center, and a larger, more conventional display to fill out the field of view. These two displays are blended together nearly seamlessly, which essentially makes Varjo’s headsets an industry leader in perceived resolution (sometimes referred to as ‘retina resolution’) whilst providing a fairly substantial field of view.

The reveal, which Varjo is dubbing a “world premiere,” is going to be held on June 24th, 2021, at 12:00 pm ET (your local time). You can also sign up here to watch it live.

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  • Oooh this sounds yummy! My guesses:
    1. Varjo standalone! Ultra-highend Vive Focus 3 competitor?
    2. Headsets with dynamic foveated rendering, enabling them to display their fantastic “human-eye resolution” across the whole field of view?

    Either one would be major. Both in one would be the stuff of dreams…

    • xyzs

      More likely 1 than 2.

    • kontis

      Their comment is all about mixed/augmented reality.

      • No, their COMPANY is all about that – they’ve been doing mixed reality with their XR series headsets for years now. That’s not what’s new with this.

    • Bob

      Don’t get worked up all over this. It will be entirely enterprise focused with no SteamVR compatibility for regular consumers. Their upcoming announcement is most likely about a device with a sleeker design.

      • Randy Raber

        Their headsets are already steam compatible. I have the VR-3 and can play any game with it.

      • Um… enterprise/B2B stuff for VR/XR excites me MORE than consumer stuff. I’ve been professionally involved since 2016, XR4work is my jam.

  • Pulstar44

    It will probably be aimed at Enterprise again. I wish they would create a consumer focused headset.

  • Erilis

    What can be bigger than what they already got? a little wider FOV maybe. A lighter consumer headset would be big news. I’m guessing wireless streaming is out of the question

  • Whatever they will show – Tim Cook will not be amused.

    • James Cobalt

      Entirely different market and probably a different price point. Apple is almost never first to market. They aim to be “best” to market. They take ages to make their products as accessible as possible before they unveil them, so what they unveil is usually simplified over what’s been available for ages. But it’s easy, and that’s their target market.

      • „ Entirely different market and probably a different price point.“
        Both assumptions.
        We don’t know what they will show nor do we know the pricepoint. What we (might) know, is that Apple wants to go into XR (the speciality of Varjo). And that Apple won’t price them for cheap…
        So, let me assume: Varjo might show a standalone XR set, which is reasonably priced – thats when Apple comes in. See what I meant?

  • James Cobalt

    No. The teaser video says they are unveiling the metaverse of the future, and their statement is about merging physical and digital. So it’s obviously about AR. Some sort of AR platform and/or high rest passthrough with hand tracking?

  • Hamish Pain

    That ‘(your local time)’ doesn’t work for me. Wolfram Alpha doesn’t seem to understand the word local by itself. If I rephrase the query as “June 24th, 2021, at 12:00 pm ET to my local time” then it works

  • Standalone enterprise MR headset?

  • Armando__

    Why do companies overhype their sheet?

    How is introducing a cloud service bigger than the hardware reveal? Maybe I’m old and don’t get it.

    And maybe I’m looking for patterns where there isn’t any but I see bunch of people cosplaying as Steve Jobs.