Tabletop action RPG Demeo (2021) is now available on Vision Pro, which prominently features a fully-immersive VR mode so you can crawl the game’s many dungeons alongside other virtual basement dwellers.

Resolution Games has finally released Demeo for Vision Pro, which includes cross-buy between all Apple devices, priced at $40. So while you’ll be able to buy it once and play it on your Mac, iPad or iPhone, you’ll also be able to play against anyone who owns the game across Steam, Quest and PSVR 2.

Check out the trailer below:

For now, the Vision Pro version of the game differs from its main analogue on Quest 3, as it doesn’t include an actual immersive passthrough mode, aka mixed reality.

Instead, it gives the user either a fully-immersive VR mode, or a ‘Windowed’ virtual screen in mixed reality, the latter of which looks a bit like playing the game on a floating iPad.

Here’s a look at some launch day gameplay, courtesy of tech analyst and YouTuber Brad ‘SadlyItsBradley’ Lynch:

While the studio hasn’t said as much, it’s thought that Resolution Games will eventually bring an update to allow for proper mixed reality gameplay, making it similar to their other Vision Pro app Game Room (2024). We’ve reached out to the studio and will update this piece when/if we receive a response.

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Whatever the case, this makes Demeo one of the very few bona fide VR games on Vision Pro. While the platform boasts a number of mixed reality titles, including things like What the Golf? and Lego Builder’s Journey, its VR games are few and far between, with standouts including Synth Riders (also mixed reality), Proton Pulse, Just Hoops, and … not much else for now.

This essentially comes down to Apple not prioritizing fully-immersive VR in favor of mixed reality. Substantively, Vision Pro doesn’t support any sort of motion controller, which means a majority of the best VR games in existence would need to be overhauled to entirely rely on hand-tracking, which filters out basically any game that requires quick and precise input to play. Even so, Vision Pro still costs $3,500, making it less broad of a platform to target when it comes to porting content directly from competing hardware, or creating stuff from the ground-up.

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  • ViRGiN

    “tech analyst and YouTuber Brad ‘SadlyItsBradley’ Lynch:”

    Please stop with these imaginary titles for regular consumers.
    Best regards, VR Custodian, AR Curator – Virgin

    • MeowMix

      ok, the signing off bit got me lol

    • xyzs

      I love Bradley.
      He did more contributions to the VR community that you will ever do in 5 Bilions years…

      • ViRGiN

        Yes, I agree, I could never compete with his VR Chat straps achivements.
        Also, I would never be able to predict so many Steam things so wrong.
        He is a blessing to VR scene.

        • xyzs

          You are just the toxic freak that pollutes this website.
          The world will be happier when you are no more.

          • ViRGiN

            You are more obsolete than a mosquito.

      • Guest

        I like Bradley, but lets not overstate his contributions. He’s an enthusiast that shares some tidbits he may encounter. He’s a fellow extreme VR enthusiast, but not a genius XR industry veteran, professional, and analyst.

        • ViRGiN

          And profesionally, after a long period of nothingness/unemployment, he finally works with company that makes VR Chat accessories.

        • Stephen Bard

          Brad is obsessed with Micro OLED displays and we acknowledge how gorgeous the “static” resolution/colors/blacks are on the floating-screens in the AVP (best moviescreen “ever” . . . until the new Visor). While Brad was narrating his initial live painfully-rambling exploration of the AVP capabilities, it was rather sad to see him observe for the first time that his beloved Micro OLED displays had significant motion-blur and that they were producing a horizontal FOV 10 degrees narrower than modern VR headsets like the Quest 3. But then he actually gasped when he suddenly realized that the Vertical FOV was even farther below normal than the horizontal. It is heartbreaking to have your new-tech hopes heavily “invested” in something like Micro OLEDs and the Apple-mystique, only to have them dashed! You are left to praise aspects of the device like the UI, that may be clever, but have nothing whatsoever to do with the fundamental immersive VR capabilities that you had been hoping for.

          • Guest

            Yeah, OLED has been around for so long, but it still hasn’t solved a lot of problems after all this time. The blue OLED material is but one, and there are many others. I still remember OLED displays going all the way back in 2008 with the Nokia N85.

            He’s a big fan of eMagin, but when you see them these days, they’re still trying to reach that 10,000 nit milestone, and furthermore, one of the guys said that they’re investigating tandem microOLED displays to try and reach that, and also control the power inefficiencies and rapid degradation from trying to reach that brightness level. But what some people may not realize, is that tandem displays are literally gluing 2 layers of OLED right on top of eachother, which logically equates to double the costs, if not more. Apple could do it in their latest iPads because they sell premium products at premium prices, but when non-tandem microOLED displays already cost $700 for a pair, imagine what tandem versions will cost? And worse still, the resolutions that the AVP delivers and at a smaller FoV still doesn’t pass the 40 PPD threshold, so it’d cost even more.

          • Stephen Bard

            LG had recently announced a 10,000 nit Micro OLED display, supposedly for a Quest Pro 2 partnership with Meta, and the a few days later they said they were not in a hurry and maybe 2027 would work for them. I’m sure some other Chinese display maker will beat that kind of lackadaisical timetable.

    • another juan

      true. a more appropriate title for the kid would be “fanboy” or “hater”
      after he claimed being in a personal crusade against meta -by either legal or illegal means because FACEBOOK BAD, serious media outlets should have stopped taking him seriously

      • ViRGiN

        He was paying off informants for info, to then share ad revenue with the individual. Really shady guy, crazy, clearly uncomfortable, addicted to vrchat nerd and his first headset was valve index.

  • Brian Elliott Tate

    AVP really has needed deeper games like Demeo. It’s a fairly solid port, but it could be quite a bit better. Current issues:
    1. The middle + thumb interaction (which is one of the most used ones) often looses activation and results in a very jerky, unsmooth method of moving around
    2. It’s missing any mixed reality / AR modes that are on the Quest 3 version
    3. The resolution and textures seem like the same as the Quest version. AVP’s power + foveated eye tracking should be able to push it quite a bit more.
    4. Currently, the hands are bugged. Often, your hands will still show over the gloves. Going back out to the initial screen, then back in is at least a workaround.

    Still really great to have on the AVP though! Hopefully they have plans for updating it and improving it.

    • Stephen Bard

      It is painful to watch people trying so hard to wish the AVP into a game-friendly machine, when it is specifically optimized not to be! For those interested in actually fun immersive VR games, the “magical” Vision Pro “pinch” interface limits the scope of “game-types” because it severely limits movement, and what remains wouldn’t be much fun to make or use. Games like Synth Riders are fairly unplayable on the AVP due to motion latency and blur. I spent years incrementally climbing out of the narrow-FOVs hole with various headsets, and this ridiculously overpriced AVP throws you back down the rabbithole, peering out from the claustrophobic (((swim-mask tunnel))).

      • ViRGiN

        its official: fuck david heaney

    • ViRGiN

      Ok, mr-uevr-has-been-downloaded-a-million-times