Skatrix Pro, the Vision Pro skateboarding app from legendary skater Rodney Mullen, has just been overhauled to deliver even more convincing mixed reality gameplay thanks to its new 2.0 update.

Released as a day-one app for Vision Pro earlier this year, Skatix Pro now boasts full-room mixed reality gameplay in addition to a skatepark builder, improved hand input gestures, and nuanced environment sensing.

In practice, this lets Skatrix Pro players go beyond skateboarding in a floating volume in AR space for an even more realistic skate session, letting your character ollie, kickflip and grind your way around your whole house.

“Immersive gameplay transforms the user’s real-world surroundings into a dynamic skatepark environment, allowing for interaction with virtually any object, shape, or terrain,” developer Reality Crisis says in a blog post. “This enables players to skate and perform tricks on real elements around them, merging digital game content with physical spaces to create a unique skateboarding experience.”

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As Vision Pro lacks a dedicated motion controller for input, Skatrix Pro was designed around both eye and hand-tracking, letting you do things like look at any ramp, rail or a place on a floor that you want to skate and then tap your fingers together to send your skater there. Then simply pinch and swipe to do tricks with the app’s virtual 3D joystick controls.

In addition to the Vision Pro version of the game, Skatrix is also available on smartphone AR platforms. For this mobile version, developing studio Reality Crisis used Niantic’s Lightship platform, including Lightship Visual Positioning System (VPS). The studios say in an announcement from earlier this year that Reality Crisis and Niantic are looking to both co-publish and co-market the Skatrix franchise over the next seven years.

You can nab Skatrix Pro exclusively for Vision Pro over on the App Store, priced at $20.

Update (June 6th, 2024 – 2:40PM ET): Clarified that only the mobile version of Skatrix uses Niantic’s Lightship platform. A previous version of this article stated the Vision Pro version used it as well.

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