We have all experienced, while in VR, moments of discomfort. When it comes to the Vive, these moments mostly revolved around the stock headstrap. It was either too tight, too loose, or hung the headset too low on my face; I couldn’t ever seem to get it so I could play comfortably for long periods of time. Enter the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, which has a much more structured build, adjustment knob, and integrated audio. To really put the Deluxe Audio Strap to the test, I decided to write this entire review while wearing the headset with the strap attached.


Photo by Road to VR

One of my biggest criticisms of the original Vive headset is that if you want to use it for any extended period of time it becomes increasingly more uncomfortable. The longer you are in VR the more the small imperfections with a headset start to bother you. With the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap—due to launch on June 6th—those extended play sessions in VR are much more enjoyable.

The new design offers a padded, rigid frame that fits around the user’s head, along with adjustable built in headphones. The audio strap is solid enough to add some extra support without being too rigid. The solid exterior takes much of the weight off of the user’s face and spreads it out over the frame instead. The size adjusts by simply turning the adjustment dial at the back of the headset. The screen height can be adjusted similarly to the original Vive head strap by shortening the top velcro adjustment strap and moving the headsets screen into a comfortable height.

The headphones (which are now connected to the frame of the headset) flip down and rest comfortably on top of the users ear and can be adjusted up and down as well as pivot back and forth to accommodate different sized and placed ears.

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With the rigid frame, I found myself experiencing much less discomfort than with the stock headstrap. Because of how easy it is to adjust adjust with the tightening knob in the back, I initially felt the urge to crank it tightly to my face. However I eventually found that tighter is not necessarily better, and that there’s a good middle ground which is very comfortable. After finding that point I didn’t need to adjust it any more.

Photo by Road to VR

Another massive improvement over the original Vive headstrap is that there are no more dangling headphone cables. The Deluxe Audio Strap’s built-in phones are comfortable and will never fall off or rip out of your ears when playing (which happened to me all the time when I’d swing my arms and inevitably pull on the headphone cable). They sit comfortably on top of the user’s ear instead of having to insert earbuds every time (as with the Vive’s stock earbuds).

This also makes it easier to switch users in and out of the headset. Rather than setting down your controllers, taking off the headphones, then taking off the Vive, then doing it all in reverse for the next player, just flip up the ear buds and slide the Vive off of your head and hand over the entire headset over to the next user.


Photo by Road to VR

The audio quality of the attached headphones is impressive. I spent some time listening to EDM, the Force Awakens soundtrack, and Skyrim soundtrack. It handles deep bass well and higher pitches easily. The sound is clean and captures all the ebbs and flows of any musical score. In virtual reality whether you are listening to the tweets of distant birds or the deep bass accompanying Space Pirate Trainer (2016) the headphones on the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap handle it all. Though I didn’t do extensive audio testing, at least when compared to your typical iPhone earbud, the built-in headphones outperforms them in every way.

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Build Quality

Photo by Road to VR

When compared to the original headstrap that comes with the Vive, the Deluxe Audio Strap is big step up in quality. Just looking at the flimsy bacon-like stock strap sends shivers down my spine, reminding me of all the times I had to stop playing because of the headset pulling down uncomfortably on my head. HTC seemingly took what worked with Oculus’ head strap approach and adapted it to the Vive for this new strap.

Vive Deluxe Audio Strap (left) next to the Vive’s stock head strap (right) | Photo by Road to VR

The Deluxe Audio Strap was quite easy to set up. It’s as easy as unclipping the side-mounted stock headstrap and popping the new one into place. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Once it is all set up the headset adjusts easily. The adjustment dial on the back is easy to twist and is solidly constructed. It does not move easily and will not adjust when the user doesn’t want it to.

The pivot points where the headphones connect are sturdy and snap in place with a satisfying click. These have some flex to them and they seem like they are built to last. When you are finished with the headset the headphones can flip out to make it easy to put the headset on for your next session.

The formerly over-the-head tether now runs along the struts of the Deluxe Audio Strap and hooks to the back of the headset with a velcro tether. | Photo by Road to VR

The headphones now connect to the front of the audio strap and the cord that usually runs over the top of your head is redirected to the side. The cord is then secured to the back of the headset by a velcro cable tie. This was an interesting design choice and I am not sure why HTC didn’t just build in a cable tie to the headset instead of having the user secure it with a seemingly flimsy strap. This was the only build quality issue I had with the Deluxe Audio Strap. Overall it is sturdily built and seems as though it can put up with some rough VR sessions.

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Photo by Road to VR

It would be difficult to go back to the factory headband after using the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap. It surpasses the original in every way: comfort, ease of use, and quality of construction. It feels like HTC got it right this time and put some real thought into the design. The Deluxe Audio Strap retails for $100. Is it worth it? Yes—if you use your Vive more than once or twice a month—it is definitely worth the purchase, especially when you consider you are not only getting a more comfortable VR experience, you are also getting a pair of quality headphones for your VR gaming. With the Deluxe Audio Strap I expect to use my Vive even more than I did before.

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  • Me

    “Is it worth it? Yes—if you use your Vive more than once or twice a month”

    Well, that’s where the road stops for me. That’s a very pricy add-on for something that should have been in the box from the start.
    Also, I didn’t wait on HTC to buy me some serious pair of headphones – kinda had to, right ?- so should I also throw them away ?

    This month I fired up the Vive for a good 10 minutes, enough to check that new Steam Home starting area, look around, try to pickup things, fail, draw silly cartoons in the air , struggle to get rid of them, and call it a day. Haven’t touched it since.

    Next month I’ll try that everspace thing everyone’s crazy about, but as a seated experience the comfort I already have with the default straps is fine. No one else in the family uses it anyway.

    Such a sad story.

    • Raphael

      Sell your vive and don’t buy everspace.


      • Me

        I’ve thought about it, but no. I’m an early adopter, and as such my role is also to point out what doesn’t work so that next generations of products will improve. I’ll keep this precious VR headset like a relic so when in 20 years from now my grandchilds will all wear implants I’ll be able to show them where it all started.

        That said, I’ll still complain about Val’ve’s strategy because I think they didn’t do a proper job of selling this technology. Their whole strategy is flawed, and it does a real disservice to their users.

        HTC on the other hand doesn’t seem to know where to go with this, and instead of believing and betting on one strong product they seem to adopt the dreaded moonshot approach in hope that one of their product will finally be the one. They hesitate: mobile or PC ? home users or arcades ? Consumers or B2B ? They just don’t know and dilute themselves. Just look at that wireless feature: TPcast has just started selling its product, backed by HTC, and now HTC announces a partnership with intel to do their own version ! What should TPcast owners think of that ? What is the message sent to the customers ? I hear don’t rely on us because whatever you believe in might be crushed the next day.

        Sending mixed signals like this all the time creates confusion and annihilates the trust both customers, partners and developpers have in the brand.

        You can probably ignore all of this if the product is affordable and can be replaced easily: I don’t care about what the brand of my coffee machine thinks it should do next, if I’m not satisfied I’ll just buy another one for a few bucks. The same can’t be said for a device that costs almost a grand with its accesories.

        The Vive, when it launched, was a real kick in the nuts for all the industry for the potential it offered. More than a year later, that potential has yet to turn into a real product. Bad choices where made, and I’m rightfully pointing at them.

        PS: Tried Everspace. Nice effort but it’s no Elite nor Eve Valkyrie. Next step, Star Trek Bridges, but I need to make trekkies friends first…

        • Raphael

          So long as HTC can maintain Vive development and keep funding new content development then I will allow them to develop hardware with other companies.

          Valve on the other hand have done very little to promote and nothing in terms of content development apart from the demo supplied and only muppets keep playing that after the first week of Vive purchase.

          Star Trek Bridge ain’t my thing in terms of multiplayer but maybe u will like it.

          Everspace is arcade and not the kind of arcade I go for (top down vertical scrolling shootemup).

    • Jorgie

      Hindsight is 20/20. Unless you are suggesting that they should of have not shipped the Vive until they designed a better head-strap, saying it should have been in the box is utterly stupid comment. It is available now and is a welcome update.

      • Me

        Yeah, like Oculus and PSVR did back in the days. Sure they’re not perfect either, but at least they got that right

        • John Horn

          And Vive got room scale and tracking solutions right on day one… the other’s didn’t. You can’t be best at everything.

          • NooYawker

            Plus people have to buy extra sensors to get room scale and they had to buy touch controllers on the oculus, so no matter what.. someone is paying. I’m glad I had room scale and tracking from day one. This headstrap is a nice addition.

          • Net Shaman

            And Rift have GAMES ( real ones ) that Vive don’t have …. ;)
            No matter roomscale or not, it is just a nice useless piece of technology …

          • NooYawker

            Roomscale is useless tech???

          • Net Shaman

            Please read carefullyu what i wrote and don’t misunderstand what i said.
            Without proper immersive GAMES, roomscale is useless yes.For now, the offer is VERY limited, there is NO AAA roomscale games, just some 10 min demos, we can’t call that games, roomscale or not the interest is poor.

          • NooYawker

            I’ll agree. The pickings are slim. Yes I barely touched my Vive he last month or so. But I’m happy that games I already love are being converted to VR. It’ll be a few years before a AAA game will be built from group up for VR. But I regret nothing, I’m one of those guy who would go nuts if I didn’t buy it.

          • John Horn

            There ARE no AAA VR games. Period! Well, with maybe the exception being Star Trek Bridge Crew, but I haven’t tried it yet.
            Oculus certainly doesn’t have MORE games than the Vive, and they don’t have BETTER games than the Vive. At the moment we are in the early stages of VR.. and we have to wait a few years for the market to pick up.

          • Really?? Asking for a decent headstrap is the VERY LEAST anyone could ask of a company doing a headset. They didn’t ask for the screendoor to go away, or for wireless, or for a feather weight, or eye tracking. It’s not a technique impossibility that requires YEARS of research to even begin to change. It’s a F’n head strap!

            And VIVE nerfed theirs HARD! It’s the worst, most thoughtless, spur-of-the-moment head mount they could have designed. It’s a joke. If they had any decency, they’d be sending them to the early adopters for FREE. They fact that I’m going to have to buy one, much less WAIT TO BUY ONE, is *VERY* insulting.

            That said, I’m $800 in and I hate using my headset, so I’m going to HAVE to buy one. This is my punishment for being too impatient to wait for Oculus’s Touch controllers to come out. All I can do is lube up and take it. Forgive me if I don’t smile. >:[

          • Bibelo

            So angry

          • Get Schwifty!

            Finally someone else get’s it…. they rushed out the design, and now people are patting them on the back for correcting it.

          • 0x

            Does it bother you that people are happy about an improvement to a product they like? Or that some people who prefer one product or company to another are biased towards their preference? I don’t think there is any benefit to getting invested in things like that. it just widens the field of things that can piss you off.

            Anyway, these are early days for VR. Nobody is perfect and everyone is learning. Personally I have my own biases and I will support Valve’s VR endeavors because I seem to resonate with their philosophy, and I don’t vibe with the philosophy that seems to come from OculusFB. So, I will gratefully throw down some cash for an improved head strap to support the company of my preference, and sing their praises all the while making Octopus jokes.

          • Get Schwifty!

            It doesn’t bother me at all… in fact I am holding off on a Vive until the new controllers are out AND the strap is built in. My entire point was that it was always considered a poor design; and a design for a strap is a relatively simple thing to correct but they did push the Vive out with a significant problem on the strap and in typical phone supplier mode kicked out a “fix” later and charged a premium for it with people lapping it up. That, and the fact had it been Oculus doing it, people would shit all over them for it. I don’t like hypocrisy :)

          • rob

            should be a rebate programme for original owners to trade in old head strap for discounted audio strap

            and all new Vive HMD’s shipping should come with it as stock

            it’s the least they can do as the original has a noticeably negative affect on the VR immersion experience, especially with the darn tether tugging on it..

            I’ll be happily reinvesting in a Vive once the wireless solutions are commercially viable; now that the audio strap is on the way.

          • Andrew Mcevoy

            Withe regard to the tether tugging at the head strap, if you tuck or clip the cables onto your belt or trouser/pants with a little slack so you have full range of movement, that takes all the weight of the cable off your head and prevents annoying tugging of the strap.

          • xxHanoverxx

            You have to put that much thought into putting on your HMD?

          • Andrew McEvoy

            Takes all of 10 seconds and results in no drag on the cable. Simple enough like.

          • GigaSora

            Totally Agree.

          • Sakari Tikander

            Without the release of the original headsets and the input from the customers we would’ve never gotten this strap to begin with.

            Products, especially pioneering products need to be released to the public for feedback so that they can be improved. There’s only so much feedback small control groups can give compared to the millions of different shaped heads the general audience has.

          • GigaSora

            Yeah, Agreed.

          • GigaSora


        • Sebastien Mathieu

          they got everything right!! for shure, unless good tracking…….

  • editor

    “However I eventually found that tiger is not necessarily better”

    Maybe Lemur is better?

    • NooYawker

      Gooser is better.

      • dogtato

        actually you want it to lion the middle

        • NooYawker

          Of course I want it to lion the middle.. who donkey?

    • John Horn

      If you know anything of what’s what, it will be clear to you, in time, that tiger blood is the ultimate blood to have.

    • benz145

      Lol thanks for spotting this, fixing.

    • MatisyahuSerious

      The author and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.

  • Graham J ⭐️

    It’s surprising to me that the top is still a strap. I would have thought a rigid part would reach over the head and suspend the headset from the top, with the sides just ensuring it remains close enough to the face to remove light leakage.

    Either way, can’t wait to receive mine.

  • Get Schwifty!

    Now effectively pushing the best quality Vive experience to $899. Not saying that’s necessarily bad, but if Oculus had released a revised, improved strap people would be screaming about them rooking the public on a poorly designed strap. Likewise, when the revised controller’s appear… yet another $100+…

    • hyperskyper

      Why would people be angry about the option of add-ons? They don’t make the original hardware obsolete and they are nice for people that want to spend a little bit more.

      • Get Schwifty!

        My point is the spin factor…. if Oculus did this, it would be spun as “well, they just poorly designed it to push it out” and want to charge people more to “get it right”.

        • NooYawker

          You mean like pushing out a product with no touch controllers or room scale and making you buy controllers and more sensors?

          • Get Schwifty!

            You can’t make that comparison – they never stated a desire to release the controllers up front, nor support room scale up front. They could have released the controllers, but held back due to a lack of software support (not that I think that was wise, but), it does makes sense. They in fact did the right thing and held off until it made sense to release them and were clear about room scale being experimental.

          • NooYawker

            So you think putting more time into a headstrap is more important than controllers and room scale? I think pushing out an incomplete piece of hardware lacking two major defining features of VR is a much bigger deal than a headstrap.

          • yag

            if you think comfort is more important in VR, yes.

          • Simon Templar

            (cricket, cricket)

          • german kyote

            If you have bought one pair of controllers on release, you had the cost of the whole vive kit and had a Deluxe Audio Strap, functionally roomscale included and better hand controllers.
            If you have bought one additional sensor to improve roomscale early, you were still under the price of Vive + Deluxe Audio Strap.
            Buy a Rift with touch and one additional sensor now and you are way cheaper than a Vive package with deluxe audio strap.

            And yes, it would be a scream in the crowds over those deceptive business acts if Oculus/Facebook had done it the way HTC did it.
            Don’t try to deny it.

          • NooYawker

            That’s the point, on release day there were no controllers, there was no room scale. The controllers and room scale came later.
            The whole point is oculus released their product incomplete. And people are complaining that the Vive was rushed because the headstrap isn’t perfect?

          • german kyote

            No that’s not the point.
            The point is: You can have the whole VR Experience for less money on Rift than on Vive and have less comfort on second.
            And then you have to buy an additional headstrap to get an equal comfort for even more money.
            HTC does it? Yeah!
            Oculus would have done it? Booooh!

        • Torben Bojer Christensen

          You are the one spinning here. Vive have from the start been deemed guilty of not only making the technical best VR product but shamefully doing so with the worst strap and worst comfort of the bunch.

          • I3ordo

            worst? i dunno that crapulus rift thingie but psVr was less comfortable than the HTC that i wore for months…

    • Rob

      Business edition is now coming with audio strap as standard.

      How long until consumer Vive comes with audio strap as standard?

      Q4 2017 for the holidays?

      • Get Schwifty!

        It should – in fact I think it _should_ have immediately replaced the strap in the configuration being shipped as the original design was pretty poor.

        • Totally Magical Unicorn

          Yeah I agree with that. I love that I can now buy this new strap but it should replace the original for new buyers.

          • elev8d

            They should do what Apple does, and just stop producing/shipping the current Vive until it sells out and then start shipping the 1.5 version.

    • Yeah, this effectively puts the Vive $300 above the Rift’s price for basically the same setup. In fact, with the Rift you still get an additional Xbox One controller and remote too, even at $300 less.

  • This is Vive 1.5. Glad to know that this is a great product

  • NooYawker

    In for a penny in for a pound. What’s another $100.
    Would be nice to see a video comparison.

  • Sam Illingworth

    Utter nonsense! Tiger is always better!

  • Sam Illingworth

    Let me know when it’s available in the U.K. Though I still want proof it works well with the TP Cast…

    • JMB

      I have both and it works really well. What kind of proof would you like?

      • Sam Illingworth

        You’re the first person I’ve heard with first hand experience, so that’s great! Don’t suppose you could share some pics from different angles?

        Where’d you get it/where do you live?

        How’s it work? Why isn’t the foam a problem?

        Sorry, didn’t mean to come across as the Spanish Inquisition!

        • JMB

          I’ll try and snap a few pics tonight but it looks exactly as was posted by Simplex. I ordered my unit via a reseller from taobao and had it shipped to my location, Germany.
          It works extremely well! In terms of audio and video quality I cannot tell a difference to being on the wire and the added freedom of movement helps with immersion greatly. What is annoying right now is that both camera as well as microphone don’t work with the TPCast; I hope they will revise this before public global launch as at least the mic is a bare neccessity when it comes to social VR or even just multiplayer.

          Why isn’t what foam a problem?

          • Sam Illingworth

            The thick foam along the top of the delux audio strap – it looks like it would be too thick for the tpcast transmitter to attach around.

    • Simplex

      It will be available at Scan.
      As for you wanting proof – this is a photo from January 2017 (CES):
      Is that proof enough?

      • Sam Illingworth

        Ah ha – I think I see what’s happening! The foam on the top strap is only attached at the back, allowing the tpcast to slide in from the front between the foam and the strap?

  • Nadim Alam

    Day 1 purchase for me, can’t wait!!! Been waiting for many months now for his and wireless!! Is wireless also releasing on the same day? I heard it was in June too?

  • Lucidfeuer

    Not interested. Some colleague ended-up ripping the top strap so much we were all annoyed by it. Which was a mistake because the headset being heavy and the side-straps simply shit, it doesn’t really hold although it doesn’t make much of a difference given how uncomfortable it already was. But then we ordered a rEvolve band, which I suspect will look cheap but 10x more practical and better.

    • Could you post more about that, like maybe were to get one? Their Kickstarter is over and their company website doesn’t exist.

      Actually, are you certain you will ever receive this headset at all? It’s a bad sign if the company website for a Kickstarter dissolves shortly after the campaign is over. :/

      • Lucidfeuer

        That’s not how vaporstarter works: if they have a real product that they can showcase a working prototype of, with realistic description and selling points, and they get orders, they have all the more interest in selling it.

        And they’re still selling it: http://www.synergywiz.com/revolve/
        But as I said, I except these to be cheaply made, as it comes from a young start-up that has good conception and design ideas but probably no experience, yet if it just does deliver on it’s basic premise, it’s already a 10x better VR strap than the Vive one for me.

  • Maybe this can finally end the HEAD SPLITTING PAIN the current strap causes me. I don’t know how, as nothing has every done this to me in my life, but somehow that headset pushes on this “pain button” in the back of my scalp. The pain is like a well-sharped No.2 Pencil being pushed hard into my skull. It gets worse and worse for about 5 to 10 minutes, then goes away like it was never there. It makes getting into the games TERRIBLE! This happens EVERY TIME. I can’t seem to fix it with padding, I think it’s just a weight issue. I really hope this fixes it…

    • Oriato

      Sounds like it could be a spinal issue, as I also experience severe pain while wearing the Vive with it’s f*cked up weight distribution. In my case the pain spreads through the temples, but mostly my groin. So at first I thought WTF?! did I somehow got a hernia while jumping around in Space Pirate Trainer and Budget Cuts?

      I visited a lot of doctors which all couldn’t find any injury in the area of the groin and sent me home without results, till a real thoughtful doctor came to the conclusion, that the weight of the headset paired with rapid movements brought stress to the spinal nerves that enervate through the groin into the legs. Although the (temporary) injury took place in the spine, the pain was felt in the groin.

      And no, the pain is not caused by me doing rapid movements, it also happens while in Google Earth or The Blue and being a lot worse if standing instead of having a seated experience.

      A few months later, with no interesting SteamVR software released in the meantime anyhow, I bought a Rift and since never experienced any symptoms I had with the Vive; which is mostly rotting in my shelf since, as I still have the symptoms with it, if I wear it for more than a few minutes.

      Have you ever tried a HMD with lower weight and better distribution of it, maybe its a spinal issue with you too? Interesting though that your pain vanishes after a few minutes.

  • flamaest

    This trap should be coming with all new purchases of the Vive. If I still have to get this separately that’s way too much money considering the price of the Oculus Rift.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      That’s my thought exactly, they already ship a different improved Vive now compared to when it was released, the headstrap should be coming with the newer releases.

      • Get Schwifty!

        My thoughts exactly…

  • Denti

    Does the strap come with the 3-in-1 cable or is that extra?

    • JMB

      You use your original 3-in-1 cable.

  • Peter Hansen

    I sometimes find it hard to take a review seriously that is so overwhelmingly positive. In such cases the reviewer sometimes is just not critical enough, or there is a good deal of individual fit that does not necessarily apply to the masses.

    I personally never had any comfort issues with the original head straps. I can wear that thing for hours. The only issues for me are the inevitable sweating while playing some games and, of course, the audio cable.

    The original ear buds’ cable gets pulled to the left or right due to head rotation and does not return properly – hence pull on the ear buds with them eventually falling out. A construction failure in my experience. Which can be worked around quite fine by using custom ear buds with a longer cable (or just an extension cable for the original ones, as their sound is quite good) that goes under my (left) arm. Very comfortable. Not need to buy any additional hardware for quite some (!) money.

    With this review you could get the impression that the deluxe strap is not selling very well. They are out for quite some time now, aren’t they?

    • Caven

      They haven’t been released for sale in the US yet, and they didn’t make them available for preorders, so no, the Deluxe Audio Strap isn’t selling well at all.

      • Peter Hansen

        My mistake then, thanks for clearing this up. These days new devices are talked about THAT long and extensively before being actually release that it feels like they have been already.

        Good example: TPCast. Is it out? Or not? In this case it is even more ambiguous.

        Anyways, $100 for solving an issue that is not really there is quite some money. Same with the $50 alternative ear buds release be Oculus.

  • ZenInsight

    Use with TPcast?

  • And now it’s even more expensive than the Rift.

    For basically the same setup as a Rift (comfortable headset with built-in speakers, two sensors and two motion controllers) the Vive is now $300 more expensive than the Rift. And, you actually still get an additional Xbox One controller and remote with the Rift too. Also, I think you get more and better free games with the Rift bundles as well.

    The only thing the Vive has that the Rift doesn’t is the camera, but Rift still does the whole guardian thing pretty effectively anyway, so it’s mostly a mute benefit.

    The Vive certainly is an expensive value proposition.

  • Justos

    ANOTHER 100$+tax+shipping? to get to a similar comfort level to the Rift. Effectively 300$+ for a similar rift setup. Yeah HTC failed with their strap design and has no shame in milking their customers.

    Options are great, but this shit should be in the box with new vives today. Vive owners will eat it up though, coming from a Vive I know this is needed.

  • Ted Joseph

    Starting to wish I didnt sell my Vive. I have the Rift currently, and have a blast playing the games, and using content on it.

  • Dynastius

    VR has so much potential, and I have loved playing the Vive at my friend’s house. But I am still waiting…once they have wireless, inside out tracking, and effective eye tracking with foveated rendering, I’m in. It seems like all that could be available next year based on where things are at right now.

  • xxHanoverxx

    I wish both companies would ditch this kind of head strap and go with the PSVR’s Welding Mask design. Its glasses friendly and doesn’t press on your face. That’s why I’m looking forward to trying out the Microsoft/Acer HMD.

  • Evol Love
  • gothicvillas

    Im ready to enter my bank card details and purchase Vive from the Steam Store.. but its mega annoying I have to pay extra £100 for the comfortable head strap. Why it is not as a base model is beyond me? For this very reason, I will hold on the purchase.. I want Vive over Rift due to the room scale. I have a large empty room (5x4m) purely for my gaming purposes. Come on, HTC & Valve! Make the new head strap as a standard!!!