In February, HTC unveiled its full 6DOF version of the company’s standalone VR headset targeted at enterprise users, Vive Focus Plus. Now, the company has officially announced pricing and availability for the headset and controller bundle.

Vive Focus Plus is slated to launch worldwide on April 15th on HTC’s Vive website for $800, which will be available in 25 markets with 19 supported languages. The company announced the news at the Vive Ecosystem Conference (VEC 2019) in Shenzhen, China this week.

Vive Focus Plus is touted for its inclusion of ultrasonic 6DOF controllers—something that was notably missing from the original Vive Focus, which first saw launch in China as a consumer device in January 2018, and then later in the rest of world as an enterprise-focused headset the following November.

As with its predecessor, Vive Focus Plus is launching in China as a consumer device too, and will be priced at ¥5,699 yuan (~$850) which includes local value-added tax.

In addition to the new 6DOF controllers, which puts it at input parity with the upcoming $400 Oculus Quest, Vive Focus Plus also boasts better comfort and better visuals over the old design thanks to a slightly updated headstrap and improved Fresnel lenses.

We went hands-on with Vive Focus Plus, and true to the company’s word the newly refreshed optics are remarkably clearer than those on the previous Vive Focus. We didn’t get a long enough stint with Vive Focus Plus to determine how much a step above it is over its predecessor in terms of comfort, although it did feel notably more comfortable than the previous generation.

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Although marketed as enterprise device outside of China, HTC is boasting “nearly 250 Vive Wave applications at launch that run natively on the Vive Focus Plus.” How many of those have been built specifically for 6DOF controllers, we’re not sure at this time; all Vive Focus games are said to work on Vive Focus Plus.

The company additionally announced a ‘multi-mode’ capability which allows Vive Focus Plus to connect wirelessly with PCs to steam PCVR content via Rift Cat’s VRidge software, the ability to stream content from game consoles to a virtual screen, live 360 camera streaming, as well as upcoming Cloud VR services.

As for those promised Cloud VR services: the company’s recently announced 5G Hub is said to allow Vive Focus Plus users to stream cloud-rendered PC VR content, although it’s uncertain when this service will be live considering 5G is still in closed testing across very few cities worldwide.

Vive Focus Plus Specs

  • Display: 3K AMOLED (2,880 × 1,600)
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • Audio: Built-in Speaker
  • Head Tracking: Optical inside-Out
  • Frame Rate: 75Hz
  • Field of View: 110-degrees
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Controller: ultrasonic 6DOF
  • Data Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Memory (RAM/ROM): 4/32 GB
  • Connector: USB Type-C
  • Power & Battery: Build-in rechargeable battery (up to 3 hours of active use time), QC3.0 fast charging
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  • AlanWake

    Same specs, but double the price of Oculus Quest.. What?

    • Because they have to make money now before the Quest arrives and takes away the market.

    • gothicvillas

      I hear feedback the tracking on this device is terrible. Hardly any competition to Quest

    • eckehard

      Why not – is HTC VIVE – you know ?

    • Tesla

      Much worse specs actually. Quest has higher resolution OLED with 2880×1600. The difference is noticable. Also, Quest has more cameras. Wayyyy cheaper. This here here is a parody. HTC boos and marketing crowd need to visit a doctor.

  • 144Hz

    As with the previous Vive Focus, this is only for consumers in China and businesses outside of China.

    • Tesla

      Are people in China dumb? I do not think so. Nobody will buy this thing. It’s worthless in 2019.

      • Mei Ling

        Actually compared to the West the average Chinese consumer in China doesn’t make a smart purchase so yes they are sort of “dumb”. In China it’s all about social class, face and your position in society so making expensive purchases even if they’re terrible is like making a statement to your fellow Chinese friends and family.

        • Tesla

          The they would buy Vive Pro. Better, costs 2x more.

  • shopat

    I still regret buying vive 1st gen. Should have gone with rift.

    • bud01

      i bought both to fully test out and see what was the situation.
      The rifts lens and over all engineering and so on, almost like a generation ahead,
      The vive actually hurt me to use it, weight was a huge issue, horrible.

      I snap filed a returns on the vive and had to return it back to Holland from memory.

      Vive 1 lens were a joke, almost like an insult compared to the rifts.

      • Tesla

        Odyssey+ is the solution, for 299-499 USD. Better than Vive Pro. HP Reverb is also very tempting because of 2160k x 2160k per eye end better lens.

        • Zbyszek

          The tracking can be an issue though.

        • Moriar

          and no ipd

        • Yoann Heurtel

          I own these 2 headsets and the Vive Pro is definitely the one I prefer. O+ display is bluuuuurrrrrryyyy, and it’s unfixable. Some games looks good, and others looks terrible (Obduction). It also seems that SS doesn’t work very well. The Vive Pro display is way sharper, more confortable out of the box, with better tracking and better software compatibility. But I admit that its delusional price is a big issue …

          • Tesla

            Wrong. You simply did not know how to set the settings appropriately. Steam VR set by default the Odyssey+ headset supersampling to low, 2 times worse than Vive Pro what was a bug or intentional. I set it past Vive Pro, at 200-250% and the image is ultra sharp. ULTRA, razor sharp. BTW Vive uses Samsung Odyssey+ OLED panel :-)

    • Tadd Seiff

      I’m still happy with my vive1. I like room-scale.

      • Like the Rift has no roomscale…

        • Super Game-guru

          Not like the one you have with Vive….no…

          • Robbie Zeigler

            Yes it does… I have owned both and kept the Rift.

          • Ellie 187

            Your reading comprehension is off… he said “at the time” he made his purchase.

            And I will agree with it. I made the purchase of the Vive in Sept 2016…. touch controllers were still a month away from announcement, so it was a no brainer to get the Vive to experience flawless roomscale….

            Rift caught up but took almost a year to iron out all the kinks.

            point is moot, i’m most likely upgrading to Steam Index

          • Robbie Zeigler

            My reading comp is just fine… he made the edit to change that AFTER I made my comment… champ.

        • Tadd Seiff

          who said it doesn’t?

      • Get Schwifty!

        Both do room scale and VIve is not without it’s issues, with the latest Rift and Vive Gen 1’s, its pretty close but overall if you can stomach the USB and wire question, the Rift is the more ergonomic solution, while the Vive is a bit less hassle.

        • Tadd Seiff

          Ergonomics is subjective. Yes, with the “latest” rift I agree, but when I bought, room-scale was an “add on”, after-thought for the Rift, and I wanted more room scale with less sensors. Vive was THE room-scale solution at the time, although I admit the gap has closed.

    • Tadd Seiff

      So what do you regret about the Vive? Now you got me thinking, I made the choice on FOV and roomscale, ease of sensor placement and quality of tracking.

      I with the headset was more comfotable, and the controller aren’t great, but I don’t regret, because those things are still important to me.

  • Tesla

    HTC needs to go bankrupt to fix itself. Stupid company. This is a total joke. HTC does not care about VR market and acts like it would be alone. WHO needs this 800$ ,ugly, 75Hz, average resolution crap, when there is Odyssey+, HP Reverb for 40% less money? What they are showing here? VR headset to be released in 2019 with 2 cameras only? It’s shit. Also looks idiotic. Even Rift S makes more sense than this thing.

    • Darshan

      HTC does need to do price check..

      • ignacia

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    • Zbyszek

      HP Reverb also has two cameras.

      • karmen

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      • Tesla

        Costs much less, has way higher resolution, supports more VR platforms, weights much less.

    • This is a standalone, so you should compare it with the Quest

  • Lucidfeuer

    Well as long as they have the corrupt chinese governement in their pocket, they may do any bullshit or pricing…that is unless chinese people get the VR fatigue in their turn.

  • I love my Vive pro, but at this point it’s pretty clear that HTC is gasping for breath. Unless valve can step in and stabilize their side of the VR ecosystem, oculus is going to be the only game in town soon.

    • Tesla

      ??? WMR – Do you know the shortcut? Stands for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The best VR headset now money can buy is Samsung Odyssey+. No screen-door effect, OLED, built-in AKG speakers. Can play all Vive stuff (Revive), Steam VR, Oculus store things, Windows Store stuff. I bought mine for 299 USD, what is 5 times cheaper (5x!) than Vive Pro (which is worse than Odyssey+ due to screen-door and weight)

    • dk

      htc doesn’t care they have the Asian market right

  • Muzufuzo

    Those specs for $800 don’t make a good investment.

  • jj

    too many people are comparing this inside an american market. These numbers are accurate for the Chinese market where they have a different mentality about whats affordable and worth while, especially in regards to social standing. So by american standards this is price gouging but my Chinese, this is a luxury item that only the rich will be able to flaunt.