Speaking with The Telegraph, HTC CEO Cher Wang confirms that pre-orders for the company’s Vive VR system will open February 29th. Wang also indicates that HTC is turning its focus primarily to virtual reality.

The Telegraph reports HTC CEO Cher Wang confirming major changes in the company’s focus after finding itself in substantial financial difficulties in the last several quarters.

Wang doesn’t deny [whether or not the company will wrap up their smartphone business] as vehemently as expected. “Now we are more realistic. We feel that we should apply our best design to different type of sectors,” she says. “Yes, smartphones are important, but to create a natural extension to other connected devices like wearables and virtual reality is more important.”

Cher Wang, HTC Chairwoman
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There’s no doubt that the HTC/Valve created Vive system is a major competitor in the virtual reality space, but the VR market is still up-and-coming compared to smartphones, and HTC will need to survive for some time yet before VR demand could support a company of their current size.

While Wang says Vive pre-orders will open on February 29th, the price of the system has not been announced.

Following the higher-than-expected $599 price of the Rift (which Oculus maintains is heavily subsidized), fears are mounting the cost of the Vive could approach $1,000 given the inclusion of its motion controllers and more complex Lighthouse trackers, and the fact that HTC, as a hardware company, is unlikely (and possibly unable, provided their current financial status) to subsidize the system.

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At CES 2016 last week, HTC told us, “We realize that the initial purchase of a VR system is definitely an investment. We feel like [customers will] be happy with the investment they’ve made in the Vive.”

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  • user
  • I don’t think I have the space, unless I put all the kids toys in the corner, or take it to the office. But i’ll have to get one, after the Rift shows up and after I convince the wife to let me use even more money on top of the Rift, GFX 980, 500 GIG SSD.


    I suspect the price of the VIVE will provide some much needed perspective on the $599 cost of Rift.

    • P. Pzwski

      Yeah… keep dreaming. Middle range DSLR or projector with similar parts as HMD (optics, display) costs twice as much as Oculus (and those products are on the market for decades). People are not thinking…

      • CURTROCK

        My point of “perspective” meaning the VIVE will most likely cost MORE than the Rift. People who are complaining about $599, will get a shock when they realize the Rift will be the cheaper product.

        • P. Pzwski


    • Bob

      You probably have difficulty managing your own money.

  • chtan

    Actually, Oculus is not cheap either. Remember that it lacks the 2 touch controller and an additional camera in order to use the controller which could easily top up additional USD200~300. Scalability is also a problem for Oculus as it uses active sensor which need to tethered to PC instead of passive Vive Pre lighthouse system which can simple put in more to improve accuracy without worrying on about PC.

  • P. Pzwski

    I thought it and Oculus is NOT expenscive!

    Middle DSLR – 800-1200USD

    Middle projector -700-2000USD

    Middle 4k screen – 600-1000USD
    (i just google it)

    What do we thougt people? That this tech goes to everybody on earth in coulpe of months?? Are we insane? Who can bought first DSLR, projectors or LCD screens? Almost nobdy. Is that meant that those things are DOA?

    Anybody waiting for VIVE for 400-500 USD – keep dreaming…

  • Jean Thompson

    I’ll be pre-ordering this for sure. My hubby gets the rift, I get the VIVE. can’t wait to start making games for this!