vive-tracker-and-accessories-4HTC promised to give away 1,000 Vive Tracker dev kits in an effort to kick start an ecosystem of accessories and VR game implementations for the motion-tracked accessory. Now the company says the first shipments are on their way to developers.

After receiving 2,300 applications for the Vive Tracker dev kit, HTC says the first units have been shipped. The Vive Tracker is slated to launch to consumers in Q2, though an official price and exact release date has yet to be given.

“We are already seeing fresh thinking for VIVE Tracker and we couldn’t be more excited by the breadth and depth of the applications we’ve received,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM, US and EMEA, HTC VIVE. “For us, the tracker represents an important investment in the VR community to grow the future of VR without limits on experimentation.”

Vive Tracker Capabilities Detailed in Developer Documentation

HTC says that despite the number of requests received, they’re keeping the application process open. It isn’t clear if among those 2,300 applications all 1,000 allotted units were claimed and the company is considering handing out additional units, or if there’s still some of those 1,000 units yet to be assigned to developers.

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  • Guest

    Anyone know how many of these can operate at once?

    • Charles Poulin

      So currently, 13. Though that could be limited by your USB host bandwidth.

      • Joan Villora Jofré

        Need every one of those 13 a connection to one dongle in a dedicated USB port? One USB 2.0 for every Vive Tracker?

        • Guest

          Yeah, so unless you’ve got a motherboard with a lot of slots for USB cards then you won’t be doing any good mocap.

  • DougP

    Good article. Really interesting to see the progress with the trackers.

    This appears to already be a homerun – approaching opening up the trackers this way, whereby the “hard work” is done in a pre-built puck & devs can just focus on making their interesting accessories. As well that you’ll theoretically reduce the price of the accessories dramatically by being able to swap trackers.