HTC continues to expand the app selection on its Viveport subscription service, adding 8 new games for July, detailed on the official Vive blog. The $7/month service allows unlimited access to any 5 titles each month from a selection of over 150 games and apps.

Having recently doubled the Viveport app count, including some highly-rated titles such as Pierhead Arcade, Galaxy Golf, and Sairento VR, HTC has added a further 8 titles for July, including the innovative music tool LyraVR and well-received games like HoloBall and Twisted Arrow.

The 8 titles, which are usually priced on Steam from between $5 and $25, are Front Defensean arcade shooter published by Vive Studios, LyraVR – an Early Access music creation platform, Dwingle B.O.T – an interesting ‘escape room’ puzzler, Panzer Panic – a tank-based local multiplayer battle arena, Twisted Arrowan intense action shooter, #Archery and #SelfieTennistwo quirky games from VRUnicorns, and HoloBall – an intense ‘VR Pong’ sports game.

A free trial is also available on the Viveport subscription page.

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  • VR Geek

    We really dislike how you only have a small window each month to change your subscriptions. We missed that window 2 months in a row and ended up cancelling altogether as we are living out life around their restrictive rules. I am so not a fan of HTC and ViVePort is more on paper than in practice.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Can somebody explain why the vive is twice the price of the oculus and only half as good. Vive is so bulky, heavy and has playstation wanna be move controller sticks.

    • theonlyrealconan

      I have played both. They are about equal. Vive’s tracking is better and came out with controllers long before Rift. And now Vive’s new trackers that are coming out are even better then Rifts.

      With that being said, they really should be a lot closer in price. But I also do not want to support a closed ecosystem, nor does the lawsuit give me a lot of faith in Rifts long term reliability.

    • Bryan Ischo

      You’re clearly a troll account with a question like that. Welcome to my blocklist!

    • Holger Fischer

      This is an easy one. You can find articles about HTCs decision not to lower the price on this site. ‘half as good’ must be your own estimation, I read other oppinions from other users. The controllers were the first on the market and not rivaled by other products. As development continues the newest model might always be the best available. Hope this helps with your confusion.

  • Ombra Alberto

    Pay a subscription to have time games?
    No thanks!