VRClay is a recently revealed piece of digital sculpting software which utilizes the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra motion controller to create 3D models in no time at all.

If games like Minecraft (2011) have shown us anything, it’s that simple, understandable tools enable creative expression from people who might otherwise not consider themselves creators. It was the appeal of Sixense’s unfortunately delayed MakeVR software: 3D modeling programs are hard to learn and mouse-based input makes free-form design difficult; why not leverage the power of a motion controller and virtual reality to break down the barriers to creation?

VRClay does just that using the Oculus Rift VR headset and Razer Hydra motion input controller.

Using a mouse and keyboard for this level of free-form creation is extremely difficult because a mouse only tracks two degrees of freedom (left/right and forward/back). On the other hand, a motion input controller like the Razer Hydra tracks with full six degrees of freedom, allowing users to sculpt shapes through space easily without learning an abstract XYZ axis system as you find in most CAD software.

The video also shows a cool augmented reality view where we can see the digital object being manipulated in real-time in the same room as the user—very surreal!

There’s currently little info on VRClay beyond the video above. We’ve reached out to the developers to learn more and will certainly be watching this one going forward.

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