Gesture VR is an upcoming VR drawing program that aims to give you the same experience as taking a Life Drawing course, which its creators say will help artists sharpen their skill and translate what they’ve learned back into physical work.

Nick Ladd is an artist with a background in illustration and 3D animation, however recently Ladd has flexed his creative muscles in VR with the help of creation tool Quill, having used it to create art for VR experiences such as Namoo and Tales from Soda Island.

Now, along with two artist colleagues, the Canada-based indie is set to release Gesture VR, an app that focuses on intuitive drawing tools and photogrammetry scans of actual models.

Image courtesy Nick Ladd Art & Animation

Ladd says Gesture VR aims to simulate the experience of being in a Life Drawing studio, giving artists 120 unique photogrammetry scans of nude models, which they can rotate and light. Yes, a censor option is available too if you’re a bit bashful.

Gesture VR, primarily a drawing-focused program, includes a versatile pen tool that lets you draw in both 2D on paper or in 3D. Once you’re done with your drawing session, users can export and share sketches—although if you’re looking for a more social drawing experience, up to four players can connect and sketch together in the same space.

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Ladd hopes Gesture VR can bridge the gap for art students looking to get life drawing practice in:

“As a former art student, I know how important life drawing classes can be to improving your drawing skills, but many places don’t have access to good resources, and the price can get expensive for students,” said Ladd. “I made Gesture VR to level that playing field and help sharpen skills that will translate back into physical work.”

Gesture VR is slated to launch on SteamVR headsets and Meta Quest via App Lab for $14, releasing on December 6th, 2022. Check out the trailer below:

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